Thursday, 31 December 2009

"May we all have our visions Now and then"

Ok .. in a few hours it will be 2010, and Melbourne has switched the oven on ... so how do we combat the heat? By cranking up our oven and baking a chorizo cake ... smart .. hey?

We're also charring some eggplant over the open flame of the stove ... oh and cranking up Queen's "A Night at the Opera" on the stereo.

Everybody sing - "Oh Oh People of the Earth, Listen to the Warning, The Prophet he said"!
And what is all this heat generating activity in aid of? Why NY Eve at the H's later tonight. Lets be optimissitic. 2009 was such a fuck up, 2010 can only get better!!

Temasek wrote:

nice ... not absolutely brilliant ... I would add a bit of cheese next time.
4 Jan

dan copewrote:

what did it taste like?
4 Jan


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