Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day at D's

Ok ... maybe we're overdoing this Christmas malarkey but after a night of gastronomical and cardinal indulgence, we wake up slightly worn but ready for more. Again I maintain that this is the best way to do it, celebrating a heavenly birth and an overwhleming marketing success with friends.

How did we while away the hours? Simply put, with fine wine and spirits and stimulating conversation. If I could I would turn party talk into a lovingly transcribed script to be performed each year at Christmas. But in the interests of privacy I will shorthand this with some lovely photos.

- JQ's hashcake and his fascination with N
- N's Peruvian culinary adventures
- P's fandance, or threat thereof

- why do people try to give you back what you have already gotten rid of?
- N's miscarriage of a contraceptive device
- N's fangs and her lovingly hand sewn brown velour modernist knickerbokers

- P's zipper tattoo

- D's doodle
- J's colours du jour - pink and purple
- J's guide to going to gigs solo

- Lady Gaga (genuine pop star or a karmic joke - discuss)
- female and male responses to obscure european cinema
- children - without shy people where will our creatives be
- TUACA - check it out!

- Sloe Gin Fizzes
- Hendricks - but someone forgot the cucumber
- M's surprise hit with the mini white chocolate puddings

- H's surf sticker fiasco
- the Stephen Fry alarm clock
- And finally, "all I want for christmas is a dalek!"


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