Friday, 4 December 2009

C'mon get happy - an evening with Rufus

Ok ... just spent an evening with Rufus Live in Milwaukee:

And what a brilliant campathon it was!! He has a beautiful voice if a little dour, fantastic turn of phrase and a knack for combining poignancy with a little tack, complete professionalism with a soupcon of high school dramatics, a killer rhythm and brass section, "sly looks in corridors" and Judy Garland in drag thrown in the mix ...  What more could you ask for ... unless of course its a Freedom VIP pass for George Michael at Etihad in March 2010 ... by the way KG (sorry ... private joke!)
Pretty things was the defining moment!
"Pretty things, so what if I like pretty things
Pretty lies, so what if I like pretty lies
From where you are, to where I am now
I need these pretty things, around the planets of our phase
Everything's a sign of my astrology
From where you are, to where I am now
Is its own galaxy
Be a star and fall down somewhere next to me
And make it past your color TV
This time will pass and with it will me
And all these pretty things
Don't say you don't notice them"



dan cope wrote:
17 Dec

Temasek wrote:
Its called backing up ... and of course!!
8 Dec

dan cope wrote:
Oh do you burn me a copy???
8 Dec

dan cope wrote:
i love him so.
7 Dec


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