Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Australia Voted

Ok goodbye Holly!!

Was it really because of song choice?? Is it really a case of drivel for the common multitude?? Are you forcing me to be elitist??? I mean come on!! Its only The Gossip!!! We're not talking anything horribly esoteric like Tuung or Dungen or Sigur Ros or Fennesz or .... shit the list goes on!!! Good Onya Holly!!!! Australian Idol .... surefire career path to Z-grade celebrity!! I mean Guy who?? Shannon what?? Casey Where??? 



~ wrote:
sweet heavens above, what a monstrous picture! she sure has let herself go hasn't she? any minute now you'll see tiny japanese men trying to harpoon her and drag her into the bow doors of a massive ship for 'scientific research'
8 Oct

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

As promised

Ok ... sorry! As promised ... some photos. Taken in the backyard ... by someone who is clueless when it comes to lighting and shutter speeds .. but I want to paint this sunset!

Fashion wants Spring 2007:

Blue and white pinstripe shorts from Calibre
AG vest
Farengi (?) black linen short sleeved shirt with tuxedo panelling
Another pair of skinny Cheap Monday jeans
Hugo white linen drawstring pant
Music Wants:
PJ Harvey's newie White Chalk
(oh and to have Daniel Mifsud's baby ... haha ... no scrap that!!!)

Orang Tuah

Ok … so I was surfing the web as you do when you first log on at work and came across a link to this article off the Yahoo website:
Now the title alone compelled me to read on considering my proclivity for the aged pensioner … hehe … actually tragedies!!! I’m not far behind.
Anyways reality check!!! Who the hell is this article talking about??? You find me a man who embodies all these qualities whatever age, “and I am telling you I’m not Going!!!!!”
Seriously Lisa Jones whoever she or He maybe … this is a pure wankathon!!!
Let me break it down for you honey:
              He's experienced, but not fatherly
Its his way or the highway baby, that’s what experience is. And if he gives you the illusion that he kowtows to you all the time, don’t you worry, at some point it will all come out, otherwise you can count on his mindless indifference till the end of the relationship, because experience teaches you that you get whatever you can get, whether its up to standard or not. As for fatherly … lets see how you go when you’re on a driving holiday next, he’s got the steering wheel and you are navigating and he wants to know left or right because you know you’ve been there heaps of times, then lets just watch his “fatherly” instincts kick in
He's intelligent, yet hip
Honey Intelligence does not come with age. The amount of white hairs on his head does not denote wisdom. He’s either savvy with an acute intellect … or he just has loud opinions that he shouts over others in a conversation!! As for hip, ditto darl!!! You’re either got it, or you don’t!! Hip is an attitude, a personality, not a shop window display that you have thrown over your head and dumped in your living room.
He's successful, but not flashy
OK!!! Success does not come with age. And anyways, what is the measure of success … lets ride the bull on its horns here and assume that given this is a Men’s Health article, success means a mortgage, shiny European car, 4 star holidays and an investment portfolio … in which case … unless he comes from old money … he is going to be flashy to the max!!!! Listen to Beyonce’s Upgrade U and you will have all the basic touchpoints of what it means to have success, the trappings as it were, which I think Lisa may not consider flashy, because of the designer labels attached. I could be wrong!!! But I’ve seen those red Posrches (or worse, wannabe Japanese coupes) with the IMHOT license Plates, and they’re not being driven by your wannabe under 25 yr olds with the KnifePoint hair!!
He's in shape and healthy
OMG You Got To Be Kidding Me!!!! Enuff Said.
He's stylish, but also age-appropriate
Ok baby, this is a truly tricky proposition. As with hipness and intellect, Style is something that is innate … it can be taught to a certain extent, but it does rely on gut instinct to be most effective, which ultimately lets the truly unstylish down!!! Being age appropriate, well that’s a little more interesting. I have to tread these waters very carefully as I am pushing 40 and still pumping in skinny jeans!! But then I’ve always been attracted to fashion that is slightly left off centre. So age will probably not erode that. If you are comfortable enough with your age and are happy to take risks, then more power to you. But if you’re friends deride you for your fashion stance, and you can’t hack it, then maybe you should reign it in a little. But babe, if a basic shirt with a loud print is enough to start the naysayers tattling away, then just give up!!! People see you as old, so back to the Chinos, straight legged jeans and collared shirts in neutral colours. But be careful!!! Don’t let your girlfriends trick you into buying some hideous off the rack 3 season’s old designer rip-off from the tired old suburban shopping centre …. You don’t want to look like your reclaiming your youth and desperately behind times all at once. I’ve seen the over 40s with their paint splattered denim and striped shirt with what looks like a tag down one side panel … DON’T OK DON’T … that look is as old as you are!! And girls don’t make him buy those slim fit single front pants and then let him wear it with his 1990s target shirt with the short collar in Sateen (drip dry) cement grey, or worse … Brown pointy shoes (coz all the hot boys are wearing them when they’re out raging at their nearest Westpoint shopping centre)… when his hair is like mama combed it in 1967. DON’T OK DON’T
Some trends even the young-uns can barely pull off. Bear that in mind.
He acknowledges his age, but doesn't focus on it
Right, that is until you want to cuddle, have mad passionate sex or go out raging!!! Or when you want to do hip groovy things like search out cute little shops and caf├ęs to lounge around in … or hang out where all the cool bohemian types do … then honey, you can’t shut him up about how old he is.
He makes me dream about taking him to bed
Lisa, when or rather IF he has the energy, all he wants is to get his rocks off and go to sleep. Please also refer to above.
He knows what he wants
You know what? He does!!! I agree!!! Because all he wants is to either sit in front of his PC or in front of the TV, preferable in a supine position, and slowly drifting off to sleep, only to wake up and have a drink, pee, shit or something to eat. And that’s it!!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Maafkan Saya!!

Ok ... excuse me for being lazy and otherwise pre-occupied!! Everyone seems to have migrated over to either My Space (if you wear skinny jeans and have a fringe ... Snap! David!) or Facebook (presumably for the over 30's!!) I refuse to accept any invitations as I am more than happy quietly journalising brief periods of my life on this long suffering, uncomplicated live journal site. This is me in Melbourne Librarian mode ... none of that flashy neon "in ur face muthafucker" electroclash ping pong emo raving geometric txt messaging palaver that goes on these days. In fact, I will NOT be filling this entry with any crazy fonts or photos just to make the point!!

Lets re-cap!! Now that we are well and truly into the Aussie Idol season, let me just say that I am loving every minute of it ... it has made up for the lack of belly laughs I am currently experiencing on the new season of Kath & Kim (sorry, I know, Sacrilege!!!) What I find surprising is that the one true soul voice belongs in a package that ordinarily I would raise on a flag pole whilst screaming out "No more rounds ... this is it!!!" has left me stony cold. Wassup wichyu girl!!! Drop the tude ... and lets have some honesty!! Listen ur either Mary J (keepin it real) Blige or Whitney "crack is cheap" Houston ... either way they've both found Jesus ... but have kept the bling!! So enough with the praise jesus and that stupid doe-eyed look on your face ... coz it ain't kickin' it ... ya dig!!! Daniel Mifsud ... if ever there was a look that I go for ... honey are iT!! Jack ... I woudl pay to see you ... Husny I would buy your CDs ... everyone else doesn't matter enough for me to comment ... they're all consistently good ... Matt has the best voice so he's my favourite ... the modulations from those vocal chords .. shivers!!! And straight boys please take note ... this is how you should dress if you're under 22 and are still living it large ... leave those shop windows behind ... take some risks!! Tight jeans ... overlong T-shirts ... and a great jacket ... James looked hot in that Tuxedo blaser with the vertical black and white striped shirt ... I'm pilfering that look for Christmas ... which this year will be in SINGERS!!!!

I cannot wait!!! We had such a foul time last time being unemployed and all that!! This time round its going to be sooooo much better ... I'm just going to eat and explore differnet parts of the city ... I'm too fat for clothes shopping anyways ... Certainly going to go to all those cute little shops in Chinatown and down Arab Street ... there's a chick who does these lurid papercuts that I am determined to get hold of ... and I want some calf high boots that won't cost me $850 (damn you Kenneth Cole!!!).

And let me tell you, getting tix for the flight was drama and a half. I went to 3 travel agents, all of whom told me that SIA had no seats available during the time periods I was hoping to leave and return. They tried to book me on Qantas ... and quoted me roughly the same ridiculous amount of money!!! I was almost palpitating coz they all said "only 2 seats left" you'd need to let us know soon!!!

SOON MY ARSE!!! After much frothing over the phone with Martin, I went online directly to the SIA site ... started to follow the prompts .. and 1, 2, 3!! I booked return flights on exactly the days I wanted, saved $300, and got to reserve my seats on the flight ... one of the pairs at the back of the plane. So sometimes it does pay to go direct. Cut out the middle man .. if you're just looking for straightforward travel. Even was more expensive!! Don't travel agents have access to the entire manifest anymore??? Fuck I had economic globalization!!!

Work is still cruising along ... although I would like a bit more pedal and a little less cruise control!!! But I'm not complaining. Its so much less stress ... and now I'm getting the urge to cook again!!! And I've been playing more ... and listening more ... and reading more .... all I need to do now is focus on the things that I've been wanting to do creatively, and getting on with it!!!

I'll do my best to have photos next time. Loving the new MIA!! Can't stop listening to it. Loving the new Caribou!!! And looking forward to the new PJ Harvey due out soon. And I have re-discovered Jarvic Cocker and the new Air .... was recently sick as a dog with a cold ... and they were the 2 CDs I could stomach listening to.
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