Saturday, 19 January 2008

Gloomy Saturday Arvo

Ok ... I've only been back a week and already there's dramas at work.
I feel so despondent and it doesn't help that I'm nursing a cold!!!
Its never nice when people are let go or forced to leave. It makes you feel so powerless that your fate can be so quickly determined by one person ... and the result is so final!!
I wish I could leave this all behind and be completely self-reliant.
Any thoughts .... ??

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bally Bagus

Ok .... I know I've pretty much maxed the credit card on the Singers trip .... BUT mama really needs this treat:

Wowee!!! Hawt!!
(tried to entice M into a Bally store to buy me a bag ... so did not work!!!)

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Hello from Singers

Ok .... its 2008!!! This will be a milestone year for me! But more of that later.
These are purely jottings which will be fleshed out soon enough. I don't want to forget any prescient details.
Firstly, as per the title of this entry peops I'm writing from Singers. I'm in the TV room which doubles as office, cool and dry in 20 deg manufactured comfort, looking out at greenery and more greenery and ignoring M because he is telling me about how he saw a UFO .... hello!!!
The weather has been pretty good so far, although we have had our share of overcast days and heavy sporadic rains. Christmas and New Years were pretty much a blur ... one party to the next ... so our holiday effectively started as of the 2nd. We're off to Penang tomorrow which will be fantastic!!! I am looking forward to it more than I expected ... overdose on rellies a little.
Although I finally attended a party that had a personal trainer and 2 eastern european models ... how cool is that!!!!
Been shopping my little arse off ... but I haven't really bought that much, although M will beg to differ. I dipped my toe in the Zara sale ... it was mental!!! And I've discovered Muji (cute japanese household/clothing store) and this crazy $2 (literally) shop in Vivo City .... I felt like I was on acid when I stepped in there .. total sensory and consumerist overload.
In between parties and shopping I managed a few hours in front of cable television ... a luxury we do not enjoy in Melb. I have overdosed on the E News channel ...
Kimora Lee Simmonds ... the Kadashians ... the Gastineaus .... its all one self obsessed plastinated blur!!
Anyhoo ... I'm busy uploading photos to the gallery now as the bro has an 8mb ADSL connection. Will probably head out to Holland Village - total expat trap!!! and then its leftover Devil's curry for din-dins!!
So far I've managed to eat my way through most of the meals I had listed before I left. The tally so far:
Sup Kambing - at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - total heaven
Lontong - determined to make Serondeng when I get home
Mee Goreng - indian stylee
Satay - especially perut (tripe to you whiteys) - with genuine satay sauce - not heated up peanut butter
Brown Roasted Chicken rice
Teochew porridge
Char Kway Teow
Chai Tau Kway (carrot cake)
Chee Cheong Fan
Chwee Kwue
I know I know ... I'm a total whale .... you'll feel the tremor when our plane lands in Tullamarine
Oh and G was on a wardrobe clearance spree ... which is always good for me as I am about his size.
Items scored so far:
-Dsquared leather slides
-Paul Smith pink paisley shirt
-Fred Perry polo
-a Comme des Garcons Jumper and shirt
-a Viktor & Rolf short sleeved shirt with stars - not quite sure about this one
Things left on my list to get:
A vest from Topman
A bag - quite a few choices
Pair of shoes from Giordano Plus
Anything else is a bonus
Will update you all later --- chookers!!!


dan cope wrote:
LOVE This photo of you and Damo.. too cute. xxx
6 Mar
Temasek wrote:
OMG ... r u still reading this trash?? HEHE .. bless damo ... he's going to be one screwed up little kid .. haha
13 Mar
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