Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Sartorialist - Book Signing or I obviously wasn't cool enough!!!

Ok ... I've pilfered his photos and have now captured his soul!! But alas, not enough of his attention to warrant my own 15 secs of fame on his populist blog - but I did get to shake his hand, have a little chat, get his autograph and have my picture taken with him. And I must say, suave and generous ... thats what the Sartorialist is like in real life.

The word was out that Scott was on his way back to Australia for a series of book signings. The venue was the Sass & Bide store at GPO. Having missed out on events the last time he was here, I was determined to at least take a snap from a distance if nothing else. There was already a queue when I got there about 5.30, for a start time of 6pm. But it was manageable, so I got in place and waited for about an hour and a half.

I played Word Warp (my latest iphone app obsession) to while away the time, listening in on convos around me and taking a couple of calls. As expected, quite a number of peops took this as an opportunity for an impromptu fashion parade, giving everyone else the once over, and I do believe I got the odd side-eye ... but whatevs haters. I'm too old for that shizz. But I didn't really see anything too crazy! Pity.
The reason why it took so long was that Scott was being generous with his time. Everyone got t sit next to him while he signed their books. He also threw in some mild banter and staff were on hand to assist with taking a photo.

I'm never very good at these things .. and am always at a lost for words, so I asked him how his hand was holding up ... and he said fine as he's used to holding heavy camera equipment ... yes I know ... i am the ranconteur plus!!

Anyways, Thank you Scott ... it was an absolute pleasure and you have made my year!! 


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