Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Welcome to the Neighbourhood - embarrassment and consternation

Ok ... if you wanted proof about how much we slum it sometimes, picture this ...

I'm at the station walking towards my car. The hunchback of anorexia (i.e. she's pencil thin with a really bad stoop) is walking in front of me. Just as I reach my car on the opposite side, she stops, fiddles with her skirt exposing the shiny comedy boxer shorts she's wearing underneath, hikes this down ... and TAKES A PEE!!!!!

Hello??? Is this thing still on??

(And if I had a photo ... yeah right ... as if I would post such filth.)

Making more embarrasing news, I have finally succumbed and bought one of those nose and ear hair trimmers ... so sad ... so terribly sad!



dan cope wrote:

that is funny...
7 Dec


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