Friday, 1 January 2010


Ok ... doesn't feel any different does it? But wasn't the cool change such a welcome relief last night.

Happy 2010 Everyone!! Its the year of nearly perfect vision (snap! J). If the last decade was the noughties, what will we be now? The Tweeners perhaps?? Or the Twenties??
Whatever, lets make a pact!! We're going to utilize our time wisely, and approach each new experience with child-like wonder and youthful energy! So Cheers from everyone at Chez Temasek. Hope you have great times ahead of you.
Will updated you on the Avatar 3D Imax experience soon ... oh and also why we stupidly heated the house up with a Chorizo Cake.
Temasek wrote:

Isn't K's dress stunning? She also had these shiny peach heels on ... sessy!!
4 Jan
dan cope wrote:

Love the photos! :(
4 Jan


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