Friday, 18 December 2009


Ok .. all today I have been obsessed with one song and one song only. Now I listen to iPod all the way in my car to the station, on the train to work, and the little walk from the station to the office.
I also have it playing quietly at various points during the day, and fully when I go for my walk at lunch.
And I kid you not, I have been playing Pet Shop Boys' "One thing leads to another" on a loop. Don't ask me why. In fact, its quietly playing while I type this entry. Crazy huh? Maybe its those big James Brown drums that start the whole shebang off or that pretty little bridge in the middle (round about the 2:48 mark) ... or Neil Tennant intoning in his useal deadpan manner "and the job begins to suffer" ... or maybe its those piano house chords!! Hhmmm. Anyhoo haters, get this on yo' pon' and git to strutt'n!!
Oh and if you're going "gee I've never heard of this PSB song before" then let me save your fingers walking all over the interhole ... its off Relentless, which came with Very in a limited edition pack when it was first released.
dan cope wrote:
Happy and Merry Christmas Eve..Oh if only I was there to help you both clear some room in your Fridge for tomorrow, and the cupboard, and the bar.. ahahah :) Did you make Turkey? Can I have your Mum's recipes for Christmas? :) xxxxxxxx
24 Dec
Temasek wrote:
Mama T!! Welcome!! I was too busy having fun over the weekend for anything as mundane as posting an entry on a blog!! And now I'm too frustrated at a certain someone becoming a certain something to bother finsihing off the one I have in draft!! But isn't this fun regardless??

Copolla! I hope you didn't go to too much trouble. We don't need your presents, just your presence!!! HAHAHA And yes M is rubbing off on me ... expect more hideous punning in the near future.
22 Dec
dan cope wrote:
copy pls?? i love psb.
Oh thank you for the card btw. I am slack and then the postage went on strike. I have pressies for you so will send them by cob next year. Love d xxxxxxxxx miss you xxxxxxx
22 Dec
Mama T wrote:
Ahhh hmmm ... you hassle me about my lack of posts over the w/end, where may I ask are yours?
22 Dec


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