Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Elementary Dr Watson!!

Ok ... only able to get front seats at the 3D Imax Avatar experience, we decided to come back another day for it and opted to give Sherlock Holmes (the guy ritchie rockarolla version) a look in instead.

Can I actually say that Ritchie is the UK's Tarrantino equivalent? Except for maybe the fact that the latter has a better grasp on European cinema in all its forms. But Ritchie can be fun when he's not too bloated with his own laddish self importance. A boast down at your very own pub does not quite translate onto screen no matter what your cub-by mates say.

Thankfully this is for the most part an enjoyable celluloid experience. The look is expensive, the set pieces well choreagraphed and the pace is for the most part competently edited.

Robert Downey Jr is his usual excellent self, but this is not a revelatory performance by any means. But the camaraderie between him and an unusually restrained Jude Law is palpable.
The ubiquitous Rachel McAdams provides the romantic interest but lets face it we really only watched this for Jude Law ... No?? Haters!!!


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