Saturday, 2 June 2012

Besito At Night

Ok ... firstly, Besito is now open for dinner. So my craving for little Colombian kisses can now be satisfied post 4pm. We had our CBA dinner there last night and they did not dissappoint. I try not to re-blog places too often, because I'm a "been there done that" kinda guy ... thats just the way I roll (btw I don't talk like this ... its all for effect ... just in case you're wondering!). You may like to read my previous post on our first visit here.

But there was one thing (oh wait, maybe 2) worth mentioning. Colombian Hot Chocolate and Cheese!!! No I don't mean having a cheese platter with hot chocolate, I mean actually having pieces of cheese immersed and melting away in your Hot Chocolate. Amazing!

The cheese used was Pecorino. The idea is you break pieces of the cheese into your hot chocolate, they sink to the bottom of the cup, and you either fish it out as soon as its dunked, or let it melt a little (my recommendation) when it starts getting a gooey. The cheese certainly changes texture and flavour, but my mind is confused by this drink. Is it a drink to finish off a meal, or perhaps something to start off a meal, maybe even just a "have a break" snack? I don't really know but its like the yummiest cheese on toast drizzled with a light chocolate sauce. M loved it, I think I could love it if there was some way my brain could formulate a context around it. But I love the novelty of it and will probably order it again.

We also had a super sweet dessert called Tres Leches. Its a sort of coconut sponge covered in 3 types of milk - normal, evaporated and condensed. They pour this 3 milk concoction over the cake as soon as its taken out of the oven so it sucks all of the dairy sweetness up. There's also a layer of cream with a burnt caramel topping which is like the yummiest frosting ever. It may be Tres Diabetes (see what I did there), but this triumvirate is worth crossing the floor for ... or you could sprint out if you have a weak constitution (Bam! - topical political reference box ticked!!).

And if you need something refreshing, you can always try one of their many specialist drinks on offer, and I recommend the Feijoa (one day I will master the voiceless velar fricative). Which, as per our convo at the checkout, is either a native Colombian, Australian or New Zealand fruit! All takers welcome.
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