Friday, 27 February 2009

JD Hurry up with that Fashion degree already!!!

Ok ... Random thoughts:

(i) My little vietnamese lady has let me down!!! She reckons it will cost a grand to replace the lining of my once favourite cheapo plastic winter coat - Devo!!!
(ii) I just found out that I have been with a cop ... ask no questions, tell no lies!!!
(iii) TT DVD - my fav asian dvd store was having their usual perpetual sale - so I will be having a wong kar wai weekend shortly including his first hollywood flick "my blueberry nights" - cue latin music, stunning cinematography, and lots of straring into the distance
(iv) CC is back from hols ... I see my dvd collection growing very shortly

Sunday, 22 February 2009

What are you eating???

Ok ... so I'm watching SYTYCDA (if you have to ask, then .... ) and the target market is what ... tweens?? Maybe up to 20s?? For the most part anyways, and guess what the tie-in ad is for this programme ... METAMUCIL??!!! What the ... ??? What the fuck are you eating?? If you require fibre supplements at this age ... really at any age for that matter!!! ... If you're feeling taht bound up its time to look at the diet! Get yo'self down to your nearest vietnamese and eat a big plate of steaming green leafy ... its much better for you ... and way tastier!!!

PS - another one bites th dust (D & R are no more!!)
PPS - has anyone been with a deaf person before??

Thursday, 19 February 2009

orang gilah

ok can we make it no punctuation day today just because im slowly going loco and believe it or not its harder than you think even typing this sentence without a comma fullstop and otherwise is proving quite a task somebody please come and save me as im surrounded by nuff nuffs and im starting to spout drivel

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I need me some Nippon therapy

Ok ... P5 just came on the iphone and a wave of nostalgia hit me like a punch in the stomach ... I'm still feeling the butterflies even now ... scratch that, more like big arse emporer moths, the kind my high school was infested with! Anyhoo, so I hit Jean Snow's trusty blog for my nipponese fix and had to share these with you ...

(i) the new Peter Bjorn and John vid with those ultra-cool rockabillies in Yoyogi Park .. not sure about the song though ... sounds too much like that first JUSTICE single!!

(ii) the new Towa Tei vid for Mindgame:

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

This winter

Ok ... here's a fashion tip for this winter:

Slim fit pants but at capri length worn with ratty old boots courtesy of your nearest army surplus store
Long coat, not trench, but of the button variety in grey or black overtones courtesy of your nearest op shop
These items with a little effort can be purchased at close to nothing prices
Your only expensive outlay will be the turtleneck cashmere jumper in grey, blue-black or black

Haircut - asymmetric, lots of exposed shaved bits, but shortened fringe

And this should be on your inspiration board, pics courtesy of the Sart!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Like Grey Gardens but without the glamour ... well almost

Ok ... ordinarily this would be categorised as An Away Day, but I'm afraid our trip to the bush was for a less than salubrious occasion.

We went out to M's farm in Alexandra where M's mum and sister are hold up doing their best to stay alert in case the fire line encroaches or if embers start flying in the hot winds.

It was incredibly eerie driving through some of the erstwhile hot spots, the smell of burnt wood and debris still hanging in the air like the perma-zone of soot and ash that is currently clouding up the skies and bathing everything in that strange ethereal twilight light. And every now and then bits of charred bark glinted in the sun like black ice. It looked like someone tipped tar all over the place like ice cream topping .... we drove through in respectful silence.

When we got to the farm, the inside was a total warzone. Siege mentality had completely taken over. There were pots and pans filled with water all over the house, sinks were plugged in and filled, dishes hadn't been washed, clothes hadn't been washed ... anything potentially water draining had not been done. M's mum is incontinent and so you can imagine the olfactory assualt when we walked in. The low point was when I went to rinse a cup and found the kitchen sink filled with what looked like brackish swamp water with a number of dead and swollen flies floating on the surface.

And the weak sunlight filtering through the smoky haze was physically oppressive combined with the tense atmosphere in the house bordering on mental collapse ... it was like stepping into a horror movie of the "house at the end of the street" variety.

We went to a community meeting and bbq where I felt an absolute outsider, but it was interesting to hear about the CFA activities firsthand, and also the various key points to not about preparing for a bush fire, like having the gas bottles facing a certain way, fire pumps, slip offs etc ...

After the meeting we went pass tent city and checked out the CFA/DES set up in the Alexandra oval and watched the helicopters land and take off. After having a quick bite at the only joint serving food at that time, we had to take M's mum to the hospital as she slipped and fell, hurting her knee in the process.

We watched the army trucks and ambulance pull ferreting injured servicemen and CFA crew while we waited for S's wound to be dressed.

Late back at the farm, M and I did the dishes and convinced B to run one load in the dishwasher, and then we cooked them a decent meal complete with sweets we brought up from Melbourne - trying desperately to maintain some semblance of normality - spats were still unavoidable, particularly between M and his sister.

The next day we helped clear felled branches and leaf litter. M took B through a few more preparatory tips and then we drove back home completely spent. The last 2 days took their toll on me and M and we were both snappy and anxious, but the indian we had for tea helped soothe the stresses away until we both collapsed on our respective couches.

I am still feeling horribly exhausted, strangely on the verge of tears as I write this. I wish it will be all over soon.

The rolling hills of the Acheron cutting - no longer visible (2 more views following)

trying to capture the smoke filled light

Friday, 13 February 2009

Devolve yourself - another time waster for you

Ok .. in the spirit of all time wasting posts and Charles Darwin's birthday, it is time to devolve yourself thanks to the Open university website:

Pic from - where I saw this in the first place

Just find a passport size digital pic of yourself facing forwards, upload it, make sure the template fits your facial features as closely as possible and then hit devolve.

Its cute!! Try it!! Waste some time!!

Go here:

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Can this be true or are they just forcing me to believe it!!

Ok .. you know the Woolworths "Select" brand of products (i.e. please read home-brand), well they now have these Light potato chips which are supposedly really low in fat (i think 4%).

L at work bought some of the Roasted Chicken and Herb flavour and peops they are TDF!!! They better damn well be low in fat as I have scoffed more than several handfuls.

The texture is different than your normal chip, they're thinner for a start and have that baked feel to them, but not dry at all!!!

(ok its still high in salt!! but this could very well be a healthy and tasty alternative)!!!

Check it out!

Vale Blossom Dearie

Ok ... you couldn't really get cooler than Blossom ... we will miss your "pussy got the cream" voice and your hipster jazz arrangements ... those cosy afternoons will never be the same ...

More info here!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Wild Nights and Eerie Mornings

Ok .. it has been an anxious few days. M has been in constant contact with his sister, mum and other assorted members of his family while they wait out the ever encroaching fires, on the brink of deciding whether to go or to stay.

M's family has already suffered loss in Marysville, so our hearts go out to all the people affected by this our worst natural disaster!!

Time to put aside our prejudices and rally behind our fellowmen. Given the overwhelming efforts of support and rescue, I am saddened at the loss but proud to be living in this country!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Clinging on to a small with desperation!!

Ok ... so you're going to think me horribly shallow .. but I was at General Pants trying on some T-shirts (I know ... stupid right? ... I mean General Pants is for the Youth!!) and I caught sight of myself in the mirror and my heart started to palpitate, my breathing got shorter, my face got redder ... and all I wanted to do was:

On a happier note ... there was a pile of really chunky puke outside Gucci!! Hehe

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Monday, 2 February 2009

Bug Eyed and Strangely Sexy

Ok ... both of these were neglected in my 2008 Round-up.

Remember Gazebo's "I Love Chopin"?? Non?? Well if you fancy yourself somewhat of a French lothario, then this is the album for you.

Sebastien Tellier's Sexuality

Scented Candles, Champagne, Seafood Canapes and this CD on the Bose stereo ... guarantee to get you lucky anytime!!!

And at the other end of the scale, if you loved creepy/tacky/cheesy BBC sci-fi horror tv series from the 60s through to the early 80s, I'm thinking Tales of the Unexpected, Dr Who, Hammer horror, Saphire and Steel, have I got the CD for you ...

The Advisory Circle's Other Channels

Crazy Cover Pt 1

Ok ... crazy cover of the moment:

The Bad Plus' version of Lithium from their album "For all I care"

Life at the Station

Ok ... so we finally (finally!) made it to the Station Hotel. We were anticipating this way before it opened after hearing about it on the gastro-rumour mill. When it finally did open we popped in for a quick drink to check things out. Then the reviews started flowing in, both in the press and word of mouth from friends.

So I booked a seating in aid of M's bday.

This gastro-pub has a great vibe. Our waitor managed the fine line between efficiency and familiarity. He put us at ease as soon as we sat down at our table.

We decided to do wine by the glass in order to sample different bottles. M started with an Italian Pinot Grigio (Alpha Zeta Pino Grigio, Vento, Italy) and I went Spanish (Basa Verdejo Rueda, Spain). Both excellent whites which went superbly with our shared entree:

Our entree: Marinated ocean trout with spiced avocado, pickled cucumber, horseradish and apples

The spiced avocado mix was superb or to use a well worn kylie kwong adjective, beautiful!!! And the combination of spiced avo, cucumber and steak-grilled bread was out of this world!

True to form, we had already scoped the sweets listing, hence the sharing of an entree. I had my eye on the fish soup, which I will endeavour to try when I'm there next.

We decided to be predictable with our mains and both went for steak.

M had the 300g AMH (QLD) 120 day grain fed Black Angus scotch fillet:

I had the 250g Sher Wagyu (VIC) 450 day grain fed wagyu rostbiff:

As you can see, all steaks come with salad and chips. We both went for the bernaise sauce. And I finally proved a point to myself about Wagyu beef ... it ain't that much better. I preferred M's angus myself. But both steaks were cooked to perfection and the chips and salad were more than perfunctory.

I can't wait to get back there and try out some of the specials, including the fish.

With our mains, we both had a glass each of the Red Edge Degree Shriaz, Heathcote. And to round the evening off M had the Valrhona chocolate cake, poached pears and vanilla ice cream and I orgasmed over the Bread and butter pudding.

I know this review sounds so prosaic, but we really had a great time, giggling, commenting on the rest of the punters, oohing over the food, we left the pub with these inane grins on our faces and with appetites well and truly sated. If you're after a feel good pub meal, its worth the distance!! (or in our case, hardly any distance at all)

Happy Bday M!!!

You can read the John Lethlean review here.


Ok ... so as it turns out, I went to WA to escape the heat!! ... Oh the irony!!

Just when we thought things could not get any worse, mother nature thumbs a rather malicious nose at us for fucking up her planet!

And "get the hint peops" we are so ill-equipped to deal with this ... trains cancelled, power outages, accidents, heat stroke and other heat related fatalities ... a little mini armageddon!!

I'm only thankful that I escaped the bulk of it. So the work trip, odious as I thought it would be, in the end was at least good for something.

Now I'm no jet-setter, but I have been on the odd work trip before this and I must say, although we covered alot of ground with a punishing itninerary, by and large, this trip was not as disastrous as i thought it would be ... lets be frank .. you don't really want to be spending more time than is necessary with your work mates ... particularly if they're not the ones you would ordinarily knock about with ... and packing for these jaunts is always problematic because its not a question of t-shirts and shorts, but work pants and suits and shirts etc ...

I managed to fit it all into a relatively small case which was very proud making until we finally landed in Perth and the baggage belt spewed out this sorry sight:

The pics don't show the full extent of the damage ... there were more cracks underneath and one wheel had fallen off!!

I know its a cheap bag ... but really!! Its travelled alot before without any hassle ... Baggage Handler, if you're having an off day, please don't take it out on somebody else's property!!! Qantas, thanks for the inconvenience caused. Will you be paying for the transport costs of getting the damn thing to an outlet for an exchange? I don't believe so.

On the plus side, the replacement seems to be a more robust proposition, although M remarked on the burnished gold colour!!

I did feel on the day that it forbode badly on the trip as a whole, but the Rydges hotel and its location soothed most of the early jitts away.

You're usually stuck with the purely functional on such budget work trips bordering on the rancid (although I was impressed with Star City in Sydney ... I know ... shoot me!), but my hotel room was actually quite plush (and I was sooooo relieved that sharing was not involved).

Rydges is located on the cnr of King and Hay Streets ... that section of Kings hosts most of the luxury boutiques like LV and the like and Her Majesty's theatre is right there on the corner.

view from my room

Directly opposite the hotel was this brilliant second hand bookstore called Elizabeth's chockful of great finds ... definitely a must-stop if you're ever in town.

I won't bore you with the details of the trip ... but here are a few salient points:

- was great to see another side of the business at work ... and seriously the pressures of targets aside, this is one damn cushy well-paid job!! Although there were serious issues brought to the table, it was fun meeting new people and also people who you've only had non-visual relationships with previously. We went from tea party to tea party (well, in most cases hospitality was a little lacking - not so much as a glass of water!!!)

- one of my colleagues is a consummate mimic and consequently a great entertainer, the other is a dag and on ocassion extremely tedious

- we were accompanied on some of our meetings by a supposed sales hotshot from the states who made his mark in one of the bigger publishers - I say time to hang those skates up boyo!! he's like 60 and straight from some gun-shooting hick town caught in the 50s ... John Wayne coupled with Jack Nicholson with a mid-western drawl croaking with age and a healthy 2 pack a day smoker's habit. In one word - Embarrassing!!! We maybe in the arse end of the world, but we are urbane and sophisticated, even in our 'burbs!!! We know BS when we hear it!! K kept us entertained throughout the trip with his impression of JoT!!! HIlareeous!!

- the University of WA has a beautiful campus with the largest tree I have ever seen. M helpfully informs me that the trees grow taller in WA!!!

- WA librarians are by and large lovely people

- parts of WA remind me of Singers/Malaysia

- Freo still impresses although S from Notre Dame reckons that it is dead at night and can be a touch on the dangerous side! But the Little Creatures brewery and the foreshore still rock!
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