Thursday, 20 November 2008

No Pussy NO!!!

Ok .. I caught my cat Finney doing sexy times with a bunched up doona on the couch ... No Pussy No!!!

(unfortunately reader(s), this is not the first time)

My pussy needs a cold shower!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Makes you wanna holla!!

Ok ... indulge me a little ... I'm sat at my desk waiting for outlook and our wonderfully archaic dos-based client management database to load ... and all I can think of is how much I want to hit the off switch, grab the iphone and my bag and head out the door!!

The "new" puter has one of those insiduously hellish virtumonde viruses, which has glommed itself onto an .exe file on IE, and is able to restart itself each time the pouter is rebooted, despite the valiant and "complimentary" efforts of a number of spyware programmes!! We only stopped to quickly rustle up a stirfry and eat before we were back on the case ... only to throw our hands in the air at midnight and crawl into bed.

On top of it all, I am being reviewed yet again and M is grappling with a few old demons which re-surface every 5 years like clockwork, and who knows how we'll manage financially should one of us lose gainful employment ...

I think everyone needs to give me a wide berth tgoday as I am a woman on the verge .. quick, someone make me a jug of gazpacho!!!

Deep Breaths Deep Breaths Deep Breaths ...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nasi Penyet Bagus!

Ok .. thanks to the lovely Claire (well I don't know her as such ... but her blog is lovely) and her review of Garage - we decided to change our Friday night routine and head further afield into Carlton - into the heart of overseas student country!!

Garage is located on 221 Berkeley Street Carlton - and if not for the gold Payong (umbrella) stuck quite pathetically between the gaps in a grilled door, you would not have known that there was an eatery in sight. It still looks pretty much like a working garage, except for one converted corner with seating, lights, outdoor heating, kitchen and servery. As with every good restaurant/cafe its the smell that hits you, its that rendang/achar/nasi lemak smell that Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants have ... and the gaggle of south-east asian dialects and accents yanked at the home-sick heartstrings.

They have a straightforward menu, just a few dishes with the option to pile on the extras at minimal cost. Ayam Penyet is clearly the star turn here and its a dish I have always been curious about. So I went straight for the Garage Complit Penyet. This is essentially bits of fried food with rice and sambal - deceptively simple but oh so yummy ... we couldn't resist piling on the extras so we had an extra serve of Sambal Terasi, Tempe and Tofu as well as a bowl of crispy chicken skin - TDF!!! My Doctor's arteries are hardening in sympathy as I write this. The guy at the counter said I ordered like an Indonesian .. zipped lips!!

Anyways, we left feeling thoroughly satisfied and hankering for another trip to Singers!!

Malays do great fried chicken!!

PS - Disaster struck with one of the bottles of Preserved Lemons ... mould has formed at the top, so effectively this is now for the tip! Shit-a-brick or as they say out here in the West .. Fuck Me Dead!!

Crikey Moses!!

Ok ... so the folly that is Luhrman's Austalia has finally been previewed.

The Age says "meh"!
The Herald Sun says "You beauty!!"

Who would you trust?



Temasek wrote:

Ok .. david and margaret it is!!!
I am already over this movie and it hasn't even hit its general release schedule!!!
18 Nov
Claire wrote:

Tough call... I'll wait for a third opinion. I don't care for the Herald Sum, but I can't f***ing STAND Jimbo Schembri!!!!
18 Nov

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Please please please let me get what I want

Ok .. Excitement!!!

Out Dec 8 - all the UK 7" singles - hopefully the 10" albums will follow suit!!!

What D did on a lazy afternoon

Ok ... so we talked about it endlessly but now we've finally gawn done it!!

We have pickled our own lemons .. well ... we'll have to wait till mid-December before we know how it really has gone .. but I'm checking for signs of mould on a daily basis ... we're hoping for pure gold ... not pure mould!!

at the bottom of the pantry - see that green bottle - its elderflower cordial - about $8 at the supermarket - but perfect with gin or vodka as a summer drink!!

Can't wait to sample this - fingers crossed - preserved lemon is da bomb in stews and the like ...!!

Afternoon Delight

Ok ... the detritus of an afternoon:

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

where were u in 92

Ok .. MIA asked this pertinent question and now Zomby comes up with the ultimate piano house homage with his newie titled Where were U in 92?

So are we now up to the 90s in the fashion rehash stakes. Well apart from falling in love with the Shibuya scene, Britprop and eventually big beat, I was also into this:

PS did I mention how much I love youtube
PPS Oh and I love the warm weather ... oh the eye candy on the streets!

Another one!!

Ok .. I'm getting old ... and my gods and monsters are getting older ...

Vale Miriam


Ok ... always wanted one .. and now Spring has brought a pleasant surprise:

Its that bird-of-paradise-esque flower the Strelitzia - can't wait for this plant to take deeper root and truly branch out!!

Now that the bougainvillea has died out back, its nice to have this shot of brilliant colour!!

As the thermometer heats up, activity cools down .. so apologies for being horribly boring ... I'd rather not blog during these downtime periods, as I tend to get a little morose and self-involved - the usual "I never fit in anywhere" BS. Our home PC is rooted so the IT troll at Geeks-r-us up the road is building one from scratch, retaining just our sound card and transferring the hard drive across ... we have narrowly escaped the horror that is Windows vista by pilfering an XP CD from M's school. We have the bona fides in that we have our registration key, but some applications require the CD as part of the set up, which is something we have misplaced. So my web-surfing has been restricted of late ... PG13 is as far as it goes on the work lappie ... MA15 will be pushing it. But a few good things will come of it .. a new puter for a start, ours was still houesd in a cream coloured box and dated from 1999 - which is jurassic in terms of technology; we have cleared the pigsty that was the little office out the back, aka Sacha's bed cum toilet; and we had our annual clear the cobwebs fight!! The Downside is that Itunes kindly informs me that my iPhone can only sync with one Itunes library ... so yet again .. complete disregard for the punters that shelled out hard earned cash to feather their lambourghini-ed beds!! Mother-fuckers!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

If you want it then you should have put a ring on it ...

Ok .. with those words and the image it could potentially conjure up, is it sad/gay/pathetic that I really dig this new Beyonce video and song???

I know that I'm supposed to hate on her and all she stands for ... but time and time again I am parting with my well earned cash to feather her derreon ass and her bling in the bach or the rolls!! Anyhoo .. this is all one take and damn it was hard finding one to share .. hope it works. (and if it doesn't then curse your natty weave beyonce and go here:

And for shits and giggles, here's the cool kids parody ... more homage than parody really ...but so very cute ... aawww:

single ladies- beyonce (remade by the cool kids)

Säm Sylv

MySpace Video
single ladies- beyonce (remade by the cool kids)


Ok ... more sad news ... RIP Yma Sumac!!

We will never hear your dulcet 4 octave range ever again. Thank you for the tears of laugh .. I mean joy and also the grooves!! yes indeedy the grooves!!
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