Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok ... I think it was round about this time last year that I marked the onset of the festive season with those crazy tourette's penguins. This year we'll be a little less frothy, and perhaps a little more contemplative. Its all about trimming the tree -
Well not our tree. This flagrant arborial delight does not belong to us, but to our gays erstwhile in da hood! Its not your conventional plastic green, but a wonderful shade of black ... and teeming with every conceivable bauble, festoon, flounce and spangle imaginable .. replete with lights that play a tune (I reigned in the streamers and strings of glittery balls).
But it was one of those Sundays. We were christmas shopping (our little boys are being terribly spoilt this year ... and stop it with the boring jigsaw puzzles M!!!) and an impromptu visit ended up with tree-trimming and a slapup meal, courtesy of yours truly and the rest of the asiatic crew, whilst the colonials had their lazy arsed feet up on the couch.
We had:
Thai Chicken and Basil

Taiwanese fried squid

Simple stir-fried greens in spicy sauce
And here are my kaki's hard at work:
You know what ... we are so lucky to have such special friends ... listen to me going all maudlin!!


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