Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Ok ... whilst we are still on the subject of food ... on a recent "can't be arsed cooking" Friday night, we re-visited our old haunt One plus One Dumpling and Noodles in Footscray:
I believe this is North Western Chinese cuisine. Black bean/lemon/fried rice this most certainly isn't!! What sets this cuisine apart from what is most erroneously classified as "typical" chinese fare is the preponderance of lamb and potatoes. And also a heavy use of cummin, not usually associated with asian cuisine in general.
I'm not really sure how prevalent these sorts of restaurants are in Melbourne, but they are worth seeking out, at least for the spicy, heavily cummined lamb skewers, if nothing else. We ordered 4 each, but believe me, you will be wanting more even if you're ready to burst!!
We also had the lamb dumplings in soup (your other choices are pan fried or boiled) - 15 for about $9.00. I've realised that people can get pretty finicky about dumplings ... but it pretty much boils down to personal preference ... these are not blow your mind great, but nothing beats a hot plate or bowl of dumplings when you're in the mood for it -
We ordered a plate of the home-made noodles (of which I'm not really a fan ... way too chewy!!) to go with the soup. Our carb fix, if you like. If I have to have this, then the thinner one is my preference.
For the vegetable component we ordered the cucumber salad - tangy, sesamey, salty crunch - definitely a favourite. We usually order the version that comes with thinly sliced pig ears (yeah you read that right!!), but we wanted to pare the richness down.
All in all a very satisfying meal.


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