Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing Day at J & CCs - I think its the end!!!

Ok ... I've just removed all things Christmasy off my assorted ipods. So I promise that this is the very last Christmas post. We continued celebrations in the same vein by encouraging our friend's J & CC to host this little soiree on Boxing Day. We all agreed to bring a plate of sorts. I decided to do Kari Kapitan from scratch. M made more of his curry puffs and mini plum puds and D had decided to make homestyle Mee Siam. He threw in a Vegetable curry and some ketupat for good measure!!

What we didn't realise was how many people were turning up, and just how much food there was going to be!! So all of this needed some coordination and naturally (did we really have a choice?) me and D took a firm hand on proceedings, and pretty soon we had rustled most of the dishes out on the serving tables ready for consumption.

I know that we're boasting just a tad, but D's veg curry and mee siam, my kari kapitan, and CC's chicken drumsticks were the highlights!! Shame that no-one really knew what to do with the ketupat, as it was the perfect carrier for all that lemak goodness in the curry.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in conversation and drink. I spent a fair bit of the time on the balcony shortening my life and doing the occasional grazing.

D & C (the landladies downstairs) kindly opened up their pool and some of us took a little dip, and enjoyed the brief hour or so of hot sun, before the melbourne chill set in.

W & K came with their new son L - an absolute adorable chub of a boy that I hung onto as much as I could. One of J's friends actually lived in the very same house with her then boyfriend in the 80s. She had a few stories to trade, although their little emo child was feeling severely out of place. I feel your pain C. We got to see the newly born chook in the chook pen downstairs and I hope to score a Jamaican fish recipe off C at some point. M is now doing D's family tree and K is looking very well all things considered and off for a 2 week yoga and meditation retreat.

As always, me, M, D, and our generous hosts of course were the dregs of the party. We hoed in to a bit more of the food and got quietly sloshed in the breakfast nook and out on the balconey. There was contemplation .. quite a bit of ... laughter ... and a few tears. But it was a great end to the festive season and I can say this with confidence that we're all really looking forward to a fucking awesome year!!! Coz I'm not sure we could handle another bad one.

Temasek wrote:

Gee you've been seriously bored Copey!!! CB! CB! CB! Well its a rice dumpling of sorts and D made it, not me. He sewed up a tea towel and cooked the sticky rice in it, then flattened it into a pan to set, then cut it into cubes. Its the cheats method!
4 Jan
dan cope wrote:

rice dumpling!! yum... did you show the whities how to open it or did you just sit back and chuckle.
You are clever making these. How did it go with the weaving?
sigh. My life is sucking worse every day of 2010.
4 Jan


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