Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Sucked in! Big Screen Time

Ok ... living so close to a big name shopping centre, its hard not to feed off the buzz of the post christmas sale, particularly when traffic banks up preventing you from leaving the surrounds of your house with any ease.

Then there are those endless shiny catalogues inundating your postbox with their bold-cap-exclammation-point promises of incredible percentile cuts. What they don't mention is that these are superceded lines, or that technical progress has rendered them almost obsolete, but it does seem as though most of the major brand names have pulled out all the stops as far as the bonus offerings are concerned.

Anyways, we were on a fact finding mission to see if the latest HD PVRs were more affordable during these gift returning times, but sadly the addition of usb porting capabilities not only upped the ante but the cost as well. So we turned our attention to the myriad of HD TVs on sale, and before we knew it, we were pulling into the pick up spot at JBs and loading our entry level full HD Hisense LCD screen into the back of the car.

Now you may have gleaned from these pages that me and M err on the diy side of things normally. So after a bit of online research and a couple of trips to Dick Smiths and Radio Parts, we can now use our SD PVR on an auxillary channel and enjoy the HD signal via the inbuilt tuner on the TV set itself. And we get all the channels, including SBC with an amplified splitter. So we can tape 2 separate channels on the pvr and watch an entirely separate channel on the HD TV. So we may never leave the house!

We pretty much bought this sight unseen, but were informed (suckers that we were) that for an entry level but reasonably big brand TV, the price of $658 was incredible and that the sets were just walkin out the door. In fact we bought the last boxed set that was in the shop. The picture quality is pretty damn good, but the sound leaves alot to be desired. But weighing up the pros and cons, and assuming that it doesn't conk out in the near future, I think this was a pretty sweet buy.



Temasek wrote:

yeah I've been meaning to check out Obama's fav TV show. I'm still stuck into Mad Men, True Blood and Nurse Jackie. Looking forward to the updated V and my guilty pleasure this year just gone ... Glee.
4 Jan

dan cope wrote:

lovely. ohhhh.. you get to record stuff.
Any spares i can watch? I have moved my tv into the bed room. Watch the Wire series. IT's full on. Miss you more. xx
4 Jan


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