Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shoo Fly don't bother me

Ok ... first something disgusting but extremely gratifying. Here is our Envirosafe fly killer which is certainly doing exactly what it says on the box. In fact I have noticed fewer flies buzzing in the house. We have this problem due to the fact that we have no flyscreens and one window has a permanently locked in gap for the cats.

Gross right? Each sachet is meant to last about 3 weeks, but within a week there's already flies bumping the top of the lid. We're to either bury the resulting effluent or tie it up tight in a bag before disposing of it in the normal bin. The smell when you get close is pretty horrific - do not stand down wind from this - I think that is why we haven't really emptied this as yet. Not something to look forward to.

So lets look at these cuties in the pet shop instead. Its all about balance peops.
dan cope wrote:

yah dead flies.... i love kittens..
7 Jan

Temasek wrote:

what cute the kitties and puppies ... or cute the flies???!!
4 Jan

dan copewrote:

CUTE.. sniff sniff
4 Jan


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