Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Name That Tune

Ok ... this is serious ... anyone out there ... I need to know if you know what song these lyrics are from ... and more importantly the name of the band and where I can get hold of their music:
"Waiting for the end of the world, watching the sun drip on the shoreline"
These are the opening lines of the song. The group (possible a duo) may or may not have been called Reality. They were around in the late 80s early 90s. Had a hit in Japan on the Toshiba label, and signed to Warners Australia.
Get those hobbit sniffing Orcs out there and forage for the answers.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh no no no

Ok ... I don't think much work is getting done at the mo ... so I'm jammin' with the iphone and listening to Dela Cruz's Minimix which I "pilfered" off the Electrorash site. (see link below)
A Mash up of Beyonce's Crazy in Love and Marley's I Shot the Sherrif ... Brilliant!!!
(hope the dl link still works for you!)

The People's Car

Ok .. staying with all things Nordic, how cute is this VW ad?? Ah Europa ... we'll be the pirate twins again!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Eat a bit of Dust.

Ok ... after tonight's scrummy meal, I need a Mirdle to keep the wobbly bits in!



dan cope wrote:
You will love this blog DC. IT's from one of Pats and Daz friends. He is hilarious. :)
1 Nov

Temasek wrote:
Ooh great ... will check it out ... now if only Pats and Daz have a pornotube site ... hahaha
2 Nov
dan cope wrote:
so wrong.. so wrong..
2 Nov

I would like to live in Sweden when my work is done ... A coupla Swedes at the Royal Arcade

Ok ... in praise of all things Nordic, a touch of the Swedes has landed in our temperate climes with their block colours, their tailored cuts and engineered fabrics ... over at the  Royal Arcade where Don't Come (literally ... judging by the snooty reception I used to get when I went there) used to display its wares, above the fashion elite of Marais with that delicious Galliano shirt, the crypticallya named Somewhere now sits in minimal residence. Its so new that you can still smell the paint and the gallery space and parts of the retail area are still being worked on. But this hasn't dampened the enthusiasm and effusiveness of the 2 lovely guys who run the show.

In fact the guys were so friendly that I wanted to purchase something just so they would be my friends. and the black and grey collared shirt would have been my first choice. now the clothes themselves err a little on the conservative side, but the craftsmanship looks more than sound and the fabrics extremely durable. and they are relatively cheaper than their high end equivalents. When I next feel a little more solvent, I may venture over and make that shirt mine. You couldn't find alot of these brands anywhere else if nothing else, and whilst we wait and pray for an H&M, this is (albeit a little more pricey) a reasonable stop gap.


Somewhere also stocks some local labels including Secret Squirrel from Sydney and Self Help from Melbourne. And of course the ubiquitous Cheap Monday, Dr DENIM and Beat Poet (which is now also stocked in DJs). Block colours and simple cuts with subtle flourishes .. these are the common elements of the collection. And I must say that there was something strangely uplifting wafting my fingers through a sea of bright blues, sky, sea-green and flannel greys ... do you think they'd let me move in?


So along with INCU, Sydney continues it slow but insiduous conquest of Melbourne's fashion retail space.
SOMEWHERE now showing at Level 2, Royal Arcade, 314 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Say No to Raw Cuisine

Ok ... rememeber when we got the fancy mushrooms for our cookup?? One of which was Morel?

Well apparently if you eat them raw, you could experience dizziness and some loss of muscle control!! Wow !! Just as well we cooked it ... I'm sure we nibbled a bit of it raw to see what it was like.
Oh and we had popcorn as a snack over at J & CC's:
We asked CC if it was tasty, to which he replied: "yes. it's organic" I dunno why but it made us laugh!!

ni ker-yi ran wo jin lai ma?

Ok ... so after the big day of auctions we decided to toast J's sale by having a glass of Champers and some Thai food.
Well a glass turned into 2 bottles and then a visit to the nearest Dan Murphy's to stock up for an afternoon back at Casa del Maricon over in Kew.
We started with a Gewurtztraminer and then someone (i.e. J) pulled out some sumthin' sunthins' and it all went down hill after that.
Although I must say, everyone held up reasonably well considering the copious amounts that were consumed. However we did get it together enough to cook a roast chicken, although the oven cut out halfway through and we ended up having to bring it down to the landladies downstairs (yes they live below and J & CC live above) to use their oven. You can infer that the landladies are a lovely couple and extremely friendly and generous. Oh and they have a pool which they uncovered on the day in preparation for the warmer weather ahead ... so you have to cultivate these friends with benefits!!
It was one of those nights when everything just feels super crazy!! And we ended the night in regaling each other with ghost stories (typical!!). Although D already had the paras so he couldn't quite cope ... actually we were already feeling the effects of CC opening his jar of cordyceps!! (I'm sure its good for you in soups and things, but that shit is funky!!)
So apparently, when D first bought the place, she rented it out, but seemed to be having a high turnover of tenants. Eventually she bumped into one of her former tenants who told her about the ghostly happenings in the house.
Apparently, when he lived there he used to hear the sounds of glass breaking in the bathroom, and one night he went in to check it out and found a pile of glass shards on the bathroom floor ... he moved out soon afterwards.
Then CC tells me the story about the time he was 5 and he opened the door to this guy dressed in colonial garb but who was chinese and asked him whether he could come in (hence the title of this post ... excuse my hanyu pinyin). And then he suddenly floats up from the ground!! (ok I messed the telling of this last story up, but you get the drift).
Oh and whats scarier is pics of me when I'm pissed ... so point that damn camera elsewhere bitch!

What do you call a Gay Gym ... oh that's right .. Gym!

Ok ... Lordy, you thought that the 70s was the decade taste forgot? Feast your eyes on this shining example of a series that apparently sold buckets in the UK:

Here's another tacky example with a very plumped George Best:

 I admit that I did feel a tiny tingle ... tiny!
Wika Wika "reliably" informs us that this was a "popular series of exercise instruction albums released in the United Kingdom between 1982 and 1984". Love to get my hands on one just to hear what its like ... bet they sell for hundreds now ... some people would just about collect anything, dog poo, bird shit, used tissue ... anything!

One Million Dollars (raises pinkie to the side of his mouth)!

Ok ... phew!! Thats all I can say. According to the Sunday Age was an unusually great day for real estate ... and we witnessed some of it first hand!!! Including a prime example of overquoting on the estimated price range as advertised. Our friends CC & J have been looking for a property to purchase for the past few months. They have a ridic (sorry I can't do ridonkulous ... I've already been taken to task for talking like a 16yr old!!) budget so helping them search online has been fun ... I love playing the "what if" game as in "what if you won tattslotto ..." (I know its pathetic at this stage of my life).
Anyhoo I digress! CC reminded me via txt that the auction was on at 11am ... so after russling up a quick breakfast and finishing at least one load of washing, we drove over to the other side of the river to Balwyn North. To this house to be exact:
76 City view Road Balwyn Nth
I grudgingly admit that there is something special about the eastern suburbs; they're established, leafy, quiet, clean, relatively crime free, and people look good just by living there (of course I'm rolling eyes at this last bit .. its to get a rise from M!!). And being so close to the freeway and about 15 mins out of the city, this house screamed Location x 3!!
Let me tell you this was one of the most exciting auctions I've been to. Reason being that the starter's bid was $820000 and it went up in $20000 increments for the most part after that. But first what I thought about the house ... its not perfect but there are parts that are absolutely jaw-droppingly cool ... thats if you can appreciate retro-70s. The Powder room and the Ensuite ... WOW!
The Powder Room
The Powder room had these discoey mirror tiles designed by an oil sleek in these coppery gold and greens and one wall was made out of what looked like rorshach swirls done by compressing hundreds of aluminium cans .. crazzeee!! I absolutely loved it!! I can even stomach the gold gilt on taps because the chunky wood pannelling just offset the cold tile and marble brilliantly.
The chunky wood panelling was also prominent in the jadee ensuite bathroom:
 The Jade Ensuite
In addition the layout of the house is pretty cool ... although the entry and front two rooms are pretty dark, in spite of 2 skylights placed prominently over the entry hall. The back of the house is sort of open concept. The kitchen is well and truly retro and I suspect the new owners will be looking into an update.
 Retro Kitsch (spelling is deliberate!)
It does have a lovely aspect out onto the verandah and the garden beyond. And it is as light and airy as the pic above. It is actually a reasonable workable kitchen with wall oven, dishwasher and built in cooktop ... altho I couldn't see where the microwave was (yes readers, if you have an open for inspection, we will go though your drawers and open your cupboards ... and also check out your family photos and assorted school medals!!).
The lounge room also looks out onto the backyard and then there was nanna's room. No offence nanna, but it was all decked out in vomit inducing floral and pale pinks. Definitely one part of the house that is begging for a mandatory make-over!!. There was an odd bunker style room decked out in faux asbestos running off Nanna's bedroom plus en suite. Not sure what this was being used for? Nanna's S&M Playroom perhaps .. who know. I already decided that it would be our Music room as it reminded me of rehearsal rooms at Uni.
Now the auction! Bidding was down to 2 parties, a mature couple (toorak types with the conservative polos and slacks) and someone who could only be a professional bidder of sorts. She was calm cool and collected .. pencil thin, simple belted A frame dress but in "look at me" red, glossy blond hair tied at the back and two toned Chanel pumps. She remained at the front of the house close to the auctioneer, not only so that he could see her, but also (I'm pretty sure) that we ALL could see her.
Anyways she pretty much stuck to her pattern of $20000 increments and deviated maybe twice. I wanted to sneak a pic, but I'm pretty sure girlfriend knows how to stick a ho in the eye with an ice pick!! In about 10 mins or so the bid was over the 1 mill line. And pretty much reached $1.13 in a few mins after that. The Auctioneer was ready to call it for the 3rd time when out of the right hand side, someone calmly goes 140,000 .. and then it was all over!! One Million, One Hundred and Forty Thousand Dollars!!!  Can you beat that .. its enough to make me turn against it, retro bathrooms and all! I know its a nice street and a desirable suburb, but surely!
Anyways, after overcoming the shock we all piled into CC's car and headed off to Parkdale for J's auction. He didn't get as much for his porperty, but it was a result, albeit a bittersweet one (which shall remain pte ... as some things must!)
(but the weekend is not over ...)


Temasek wrote:
yes the orange saucepans ... as suggested by the real estate agency perhaps?? Its Time!!!
26 Oct
dan cope wrote:
it looks alike alot of canberra 70's. too much for me. I like the organe saucepans though.
26 Oct

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Nothing like a good sing song ... Divine Comedy ... how do I love thee ... lemme count the ways

Ok .. there's no better way to round off the weekend than by having a great gallumping sing song, before cooking a slap bang meal and settling down to some BBC drama/thriller on the ABC.
And our singalong of choice this time was The Divine Comedy. Divine Comedy are one of those bands that you either love or you hate ... they're too clever by half and seem to reference music your grandparents listened to. Not quite gunning for the relevancy trophy in a world of throwaway pop and celebrity.
There's no denying the fact that erstwhile dandy-ist Neil Hannon knows his way around a good tune and is a card carrying member of modern locution. Not only that, he knows exactly how to emote with both his voice, lyrics and musical arrangements. And he fronts a pretty tight band, lemme tell ya!
There are too many great songs to mention. We went through most of Fin de Siecle and Regeneration and oh wasn't Sweden (tall and strong/ and blonde and blue eyed/ pure and healthy / very wealthy) fun and didn't we milk Life on earth (don't rely on the stars above / screw the universe / you ought to try / to live your life / on earth)  and make up words to Lost Property (gym-kits and trainers / asthma inhalers / silk-cuts and bennies / ten-packs and twenties). Strangely Casanova and A Short Album of Love did not get a look in. I usually do Songs of Love from the former and Timewatching from the latter.
I'd suggest approaching with caution if you're a complete novice. Casanova is a good place to start. Do It!!! Enjoy!

And what did we cook ... I rustled up some chicken cooked in xiao-xing wine with shitake mushrooms:
This is too easy ... all you need is chicken breast, a stick of carrot, a punnet of fresh shitake mushrooms, a few spinach leaves, an onion, 2 cloves garlic, a thumbs length of ginger, salt, pepper, chinese cooking wine and water. Fry the sliced onion, minced garlic and ginger in sesame oil (be generous), add the chicken and brown, add the sliced carrot and mushroom add about 1/2 cup of water and allow the ingredients to braise, add salt (not too much at this stage) and pepper to taste. When the chicken is close to being cooked, add about 3/4 of a cup of chinese cooking wine and stir to combine. Add the spinach leaves and simmer for about another 5 mins, check seasoning for the final time .... serve with rice!!
And what did we watch on telly? The 39 Steps!!

Its a little too 'Da Vinci Code' for me ... Greenaway at the North Melb Town Hall

Ok ... our NZ friends with Boris the Cheese! in tow are in town so as per ush we made a yum cha date at our current hotspot Gold Leaf in good ole scummers!! (Yum Cha for the traditionalists is dim sum btw .. just in case ... educate!) This is one of the better joints for yum cha ... but remember to order the fried calamari as its better fresh from the kitchen, and also what they call long noodle (i.e. chee cheong fan!), if you want the char siu variety. And if you're not asian, they still try and pass the crappy beefball, fried prawn shit, bypassing anything that is part of the digestive track ... they don't even point these out ... so use your eyes and fingers. I have to say that the service was excellent. They were polite and non-intrusive, and were actually mindful of what was on your table when they were pushing their trolleys around ... and they all said thank you as they walked away!! If you live in the vicinity, you really should check it out ... but you MUST book!! And if you're on the other side of the river, then it is worth the trip ... promise ... plus its cheaper ... you just have to slum the location a bit.

One more thing - the suckling pork is pretty yummy, but it is the most expensive dish coming in at round about the $20 - so if you pick this off one of the trolleys, don't have a cow when its time to pay the bill.
After Boris had some fun with a lemon and a stick in the baackyard and the B's left for their next social stop, I was ready for a nap on the couch when M suggested we go and see Leonardo's Last Supper as envisaged by Peter Greenaway.
I actually thought this would be rocking the crowds in as it only costs $10. We didn't have to wait in line for very long ... but its always good eavesdroppings (and yes I meant to add the 's') at do's like these ... group in front talking about dogs and chickens  ... 2 ladies behind one with an affected german accent crapping on about other art events they have been to ... overseas ... of course!
And what was it actually like? Well you enter this room with a long table laid out like the table in the painting but completely white. On one wall is the Leonardo painting, on the opposing wall is a medieval painting of the crucifixion .. not sure what the origin of this one is ... Greenaway always has interesting music and the slightly operatic score draws its influences from the work Nyman did for "The Cook et al" ... although I doubt Nyman did this one, and I'm not sure whether these 2 will ever collaborate again. Anyways, the cynical and jaded side of me wants to say that this was just a fancy slide show that was a little too "da vinci code" for my liking, especially since at one point the slide show focuses on the "mary magdalene" character in the painting and Paul Bettany's pasty mug popped up in my head - "buzz kill buzz kill"! (actually no .. I'm strangely attracted to Bettany's hot ginge!) M found it all "inspiring" and obviously charged him creatively as he's been furiously arranging music ever since. We both loved the bit when he picked out the hands and faded everything back. I would have loved to have stopped it at that point and wonder at the intrigue and hidden machinations of that symbolic meal just from the positioning of the hands alone. The other bit that almost illicits the wow factor is at the start when the overlay of slides adds reflective shadows to each of the persons depicted ... very 3-D. All up the session goes for 20 mins and you have to stand all the way through.
Look its interesting enough and a great excuse to head to North Melbourne ... and afterwards you can have some liquid refreshment over at the Auction Rooms. The perfect sunday afternoon.



Temasek wrote:
Let me think ... we not only have yum cha up the road, we have an indian enclave, some cool laneway bars, loads of breakfast joints, not too mention some terrific gastro-pubs ... and you live in Canberra ... yah .. so jealous right now!! hehe CB!! (if you didn't already figure this out, CB stands for Come back! I've decided to short hand it)
22 Oct
dan cope wrote:
Oh we have yum cha all you can eat for dinner, 3 mins drive from our lash pad... JEALOUS??? :P
21 Oct

Monday, 19 October 2009

Of Japanese Wrestling and Rock N Roll ... what we got up to on the weekend

Ok ... how do you get the weekend off with a cracking start?? Have coffee on a friday with P at the achingly stylish GPO:

 Detail from Ca De Vin

Tis not the cheapest of joints for a weekday lunch (tho that wasn't obviously stopping the myriad of punters around us ... we were lucky to score a table) but the food coming out of the kitchen looked pretty fine!! And damn you P, stop paying for Coffee ... I'm not the poor church mouse visiting his fancy cousin in the Big City!! Anyhoo, as with the general timbre of the GPO, you have to expect a modicum of 'tude from the zippy shiny folk subsisting on barely minimum wage, but just remember you're the one sitting down inhaling the java and you'll be just fine.
Saturday was spent watching nubile young rowers in spandex stretching in the sun ... erm no thats not it ... but it was spent drinking at the Richmond rowing club to toast R's b'day!! We were originally off to the Bot gardens but BOM predicted some pretty vile weather which never really came ... in fact it was the perfect Melbourne spring day.
Not being quite brave enough to point and shoot the view most desired, here are some pretty scenic pics for your optical pleasure:
I can't believe R managed to secure the venue in practically a matter of 24 hrs. He never ceases to surprise me. Apparently he hired this massive truck in order to transport the drink that he had purchased for the occasion. P said it was to give the "illusion of catering"!! (P also goes to Japan for "women's wrestling and rock n roll) It costs about $500 to hire the venue ... I can just imagine watching the sunlight fade and the city lights coming on ... magic.
True to form it was the 80s playlist from hell and depsite little Jo's valiant efforts, no one really got up to boogie .. we were on a sorta timeline as M wanted to go to the Rainbow band (hehe) gig. But we had a great time and didn't leave before we the following:
M met DB for the first time and couldn't match voice to the face
M touched my ex-boss
P cracked me up again!
D & C twisted my arm and now I have actually committed to something that is bigger than me ... more of that later
(jeez Nurse Jackie is a great programme .. fucking Ch 10 butchers! sub standard GNW is allowed to go over time and yet again quality suffers!!)
D got busted with a kid!!
CT turned up!! Haven't seen the bitch in years, ignores all my calls, and now calls out to me like we're besties!! But he was my erstwhile crush so forgive him! Just!
Happy Birthday R!
After inhaling a coupla Mickey D's ... and yah ... Still cardboard!! We headed off to the Gasworks Park for the gig .. which despite a naff little play that attempted unwisely to try and tie the programme together in some sort of sequential fairy tale, the band actually sounded the best I've ever heard them, and they even had a lion dance ...  
Look you have to do the whole support thing every now and then ... how else can you leverage this at a later stage ... like when you blurt out that you snogged your crush for a dare ... hehe!!
Next up - Sunday with Nyman and the Divine Comedy.
Sometimes its great to just veg a little:

dan cope wrote:
well if you were on Facebook you could!
23 Oct
Temasek wrote:
Most of the names wouldn't mean anything to you. But I bumped into Gerard who knows Patrick and Darren. I see Patrick every now and then on his bike on my way to work ... I'm still up for a Patrick and Darren sandwhich ... hehe.
22 Oct

dan cope wrote:
oh boy you have to email me with the names i can't be sure who is who in your code.. M looks good! and R. xxx
21 Oct

Friday, 16 October 2009

VINDICATION!! Of matters Sartorial

Ok ... Finally some personal vindication!!! You can be "mature" and still look cool ... suck it everybody!!

 (pic from where?? ... you guessed it!! The Sart himself!)

In other fashion related news, I was reading up on Irving Penn who as you may know recently passed away. He's most noted for the work he did for Vogue in the 50s, but I rather enjoy his still lifes (?) ... an unusual aesthetic to say the least ... Vale Penn!

 (this would have made a great poster for Mad Men the TV series)

 I love the stray hairs detail ... as M would say Choice!! (yes M has suddenly become a NZer)
 Love love love this one for obvious reasons ... the ant of course!! ... hehe ... reminds me of you Copes!
And ok here are some fashioney ones ...
 Cheese alcohol and Cigarettes ... come back Copes!!!


Temasek wrote:
the quince and the dried fig (hidden) thats what!! I have a few secret ingredients but really is all in the hands!! Off to R's b'day party at the Richmond boat club ... should be a hoot ... not sure if M can cope with the too cool for schoolers ... not sure I can for that matter ... CB!!
17 Oct
dan cope wrote:
The ant or the running cheese?? Oh too frigging funny. I MADE pesto.. what is your secret ingredient??? tell me........ :P
16 Oct

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wine in a box

Ok ... TIP IT!!!

(I told you .. I crack myself up sometimes!! Classic!)

Fahren Fahren Fahren auf Der Autobahn

Ok ... screw the Beatles remasters ... this group has (or rather should have) more relevance to the Yoof today!! And I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

I give you the Kraftwerk remasters!!
In other music related news, I scored the new Thom Yorke 12" (of course) which will remain sealed. CC from Polyester apologized for having to price it higher than normal ... but figures us rabid fans wouldn't really care ... hhmm!!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Herald the Split Infinitive .. or the Spit Expletive rather

Ok ... the pic is off The Sartorialist and his book is out in the stores btw (P ... I should have pre-ordered online ... it would have been waaay cheaper!). Anyhoo, this is a case of the split infinitive, the most famous being "to boldly go where ... " and you know the rest! But really this must be a misguided attempt at post constructionalist fashion ... appropriating what can only be described as thrift bargains from some suburban nightmare of an op shop ... NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can pull this off ... nor should they even attempt to:

(thus spaketh the man who tried on a couple of drop crotch pants, one black and one in plaid, and nearly reached for his wallet!)



dan cope wrote:
just love the shoes.. nanna..
16 Oct

Temasek wrote:
whaaatt? shoulder pads, mum's table cloth and nanna's bathroom slippers?? Do not even talk to me!!
14 Oct

dan cope wrote:
Oh hang on.. This was just my latest purchase .. crap..How can i show my face?? D... help... canberra is just way too much.. :P
14 Oct

Random Convo Part 1

Ok ... random convo Pt 1. I sent an email regarding the bagladies website with possible gift ideas, one of them being the nifty little bag as shown below:

So here's how it all transpired between W and me:
W: I like the "all my other bags are prada" one. I'm going to make a bumper sticker for my car that reads: "all my other cars are Porsches".
Me: I want a bag/license plate/T-shirt (take your pick) that says Doncha!!
I crack myself up sometimes ... ok well most times ... btw W is a volvo driver!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Carrom Bombay!!

Ok ... guess what M gave me ... a CARROM BOARD!!!

As you may have gleaned from these pages, we, particulaly M, have been somewhat housebound of late. However, D from NZ and his rather lively little boy Boris (yes ok its a bulldozer, not a truck!! Jeez precocious little ... ) are in Melbourne for the next 6 mths, so they popped over for a visit and trundled off to Little India for some snacks and I guess just for shits and giggles. M saw this in the window of India at Home and the lightbulb clicked on.
I came home to a massive newspaper wrapped square which I initially thought was a painting, and then I saw the webbing of the pockets that capture the Carromen and I knew what it was.
We had a quick game last night after looking up the rules online. Exciting!!!
You can find info abour and rules of the game here.



Temasek wrote:
Yah can you believe it!!! It'll be the sudoku and bingo before long!!
17 Oct

dan cope wrote:
Did you have a game? I love it!
16 Oct

Monday, 12 October 2009

You get your dry cleaning back and its a revival!!

Ok ... so M's crappy ole Casio digital watch (which we all laughed at) is now back in vogue:

You can find this and the black rubberised strap version that I owned "back in the day" at your nearest self-obsessed fashtrash store ... I'd try Incu ... or online at Amazon. Or you better get into your local op shop quick before some enterprising c goes op shop poaching and ups the price twenty-fold in their faux-vintage outlets.
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