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Ok ... a bunch of drunken yobbos descended on the city whilst the police ran a blitz on anti-social behaviour on the streets of Melbourne ... if the boys in blue had decided to visit this little corner of Londsdale street they would have found our raucous little group giddy with great food and fantastic wine giggling and waving at the passers-by ...
I was the main instigator of our Friday's evening repast. The original intention was to go to Cutler & Co, which was completly booked out. We were on a waiting list for Seamstress and D eventually got a call to say that it was all systems go for 8.30pm. J & CC were already in the city lining their ardent throats over at the Red Hummingbird when we arrived at the restaurant.. We alerted the restaurant to the fact that we were here and headed upstairs to the bar for pre-dinner cocktails.
Animated conversations bordering on a stouch set the tone for the evening to come, but sustenance soothes even the most cantankerous of beasts, and heading downstairs to the dining room we were ready for a gastronomical fight. And the team at Seamstress met us headon.
Our waitress with the modernist beehive was fantastic ... but lets face it, she was lucky to have a table like ours ... gay, irreverant, midly intoxicated in a good way .... but more importantly ... up for having a good night and spending big. (her "angpow" was stuffed with a good tip at the end of the night)
Having determined that a white was the way to go with this asian fusion, we ordered our first of three bottles of the only Pinot Grigio on the winelist ... which was also the cheapest at $42 a pop. (the wine list is a bit of a hoot ... price headings are grouped under monikers like "1st Mortgage", "1st dates", "Anniversaries" etc)
As with quite a few of these new fangled and feted restaurants, punters are encouraged to share and each dish can be ordered as a small, medium or large. Your waiter can assist with sizings once you've decided what flavours you are wanting to try. We decided to begin with 1/2 d of freshly shucked oysters ($3.50 a pop) which my kakis assure me were delicious ... I, unfortunately am not a fan.
To be followed by 4 mediums, with the intention of ordering more should we be so inclined (and you can guess what the outcome of that was). We also ordered a side of Kai Lan with Oyster sauce and asparagus cooked in Emperor (?) sauce ... I forget what it was called but it was definitely a highlight.
After downing our compimentary cup of Duck soup and imbibing the plate of plump bivalves, our main courses soon started to arrive courtesy of our korean busboy with the germanic "und" flourish:
 Stuffed Scallops
 Pork Belly
 Chicked stuffed with lap chong on bean shoots
Our sides: 
Of course the descriptions were a little more convoluted on the menu and gave an indication on ingredients and cooking methods, but as I said, we were having a good time .. and I mean really good ... so it all blended into one riotous mess of deliciousness ... but we each had a different highlight and mine was the chicken.
We then ordered another 2 more dishes, this time in large:
Lamb in some kind of kecap manis emulsion with potatoes
  Duck - which I believe was smoked - it was yummy!! Thats my professional opinion!
And here are the happy punters -
And of course we had dessert ... did you have to ask?
 Chocolate fairy floss thingey ... a little underwhelming and see that white disc next to the strawberry splodge? .. it tasted kinda fishy ... go figure
M's choice of golden syrup pudding was the better of the 2
So after all that, we really didn't want the night to end ... so we all piled off into the car and headed to ... and I can't believe I'm typing this ... The Peel ... oh!! Yeah, more drinks and lasciviousness ... well not quite ... but close. I wanted everyone to speak to at least one new person that night, but no one accepted the challenge ... so I had a bop to some rancid tunes spun by someone trully inept ... stared cheekily at men who were probably more interested in CC ... and had a great end to a great night with some amazing friends.
dan cope wrote:
ahahaha The Peel.. ahahahahah..
14 Dec


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