Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mr Big Stuff ... I think you're going to get that far ... ok that didn't work ... whatevs!

Ok ... are we over dude food yet?* If we are going to parlez american, then lets get down and ghetto with some soul food. Which is exactly what some enterprising soul(s) did. And we brought on the funk ... ok ... well we tried to ... in our anglo-asian way.

I defy you not to think of that song, or that chorus, or see the white suit and fedora hat when I tell you that the name of this joint is Mr Big Stuff .... *who do you think you are* ... sorry I couldn't help it. ... what the hell ... here ... suffer!! (There are worse earworms out there anyways).

Lets get on with it. Currently this hot spot is known as much for its fun atmos and staff as it is for its cocktails and food, so its best to book if you want a seat.

We were lucky to score prime pozzie at the bar on a recent CBA Friday Night. And I'm not exaggerating when I say we fair giggled our way through the meal. There was something infectious about the place, including the CDJ standing in front of a couple of static decks, playing my jams baby! (Anyone who drops Kid Creole in a set can trow-drop me anytime!!)

Having perused the menu beforehand, we pretty much knew what we were going to order, including our starting cocktails. These were reasonably priced at $12.50 a pop ($8.50 for the kiddies versions). Going the whole ghetto hog I had to have me some waddermalen - the Wicked Watermelon to be exact, comprising of Ketel One Vodka, Cold Pressed Watermelon, Fresh Lemon Juice and Soda - refreshing! (Ok ... at the 5.32 mark).

Our friendly waitress who had a bit of a young Scarlett Johanson vibe going on for her, recommended that we start with the Pigs Ears Chips ($8) and the Pickled Okra ($4), both great starting choices. Although I have a preference for the ones served at Builder's Arms, these pigs ears were suitable crispy with a nice salty crunch.

I love love loved the pickled okra. Not super vinegary, just the right amount of sweetness and tang.

From the Mid-Stuff section of the menu we opted for the Jerk Chicken Wings ($12) and if you know me thats a no-brainer, a side of Corned Bread ($6) and the Mac & Cheese ($12) which was another Scarlett recommendation. Good call Scar-Jo!!

Mama needed a little more Jerk in her chicken, know what I'm saying!! So this played it a little too safe for it to be trully memorable. We may try the Fried Chicken and Waffles next time instead.

The cornbread was sweet and smooth like the best pikelet you've ever had.

But the Mac & Cheese was the absolute star of the show. Comprising of 3 cheeses including a Comte, this is no plastic Kraft brick in a box number, but something slightly more refined and gourmet, but still willing to bump and grind it with a smattering of crusty ho crunchy cheese bits on the top. I'm ready for another serve right now!

From the Big Stuff section we chose the Blackened Snapper & Clams ($32) which comes served with Black eyed peas ... and you can't get more JJ Adams than that! This was delicious, but as is the case with these things, you guts yourself on the starters and then the main brings you too close to the edge for it to be completely enjoyable. But we gave it a right hot crack and were pleased to find a well-cooked piece of fish in an unctous yet curiously light clam chowdery sauce.

  Sadly we were too full for the Sweet stuff, so there's yet another excuse for a repeat visit. Can I hear you say Hey Miss Carter??!! Go.

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* If not, can we be??!!
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