Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Available on Vinyl and Cassette

OK ... remember a time when music was available in vinyl or cassette formats ... and when electronic music was firmly rooted in the principals of musique concrete and purveyor's of electropop were nerdy trainspotterish types hellbent on discovering new sounds by recording smashing fruit or someone clipping their toenails or a possum farting etc ... and then feeding said sounds through an oscillator, or the fairlight, or manipulating tape .. 
Anyhoo that curiously successful bunch over there at Modular have put together their first Podmag issue (entitled Circa 1979: Signal to Noise) curated by seminal Aussie electronic outfit Severed Heads.

It is an absolute gem which includes a number of Youtube videos specially chosed by Severed heads, a couple of articles on the independent music scene, and a fabulous snippet on the band's creative process as screen on the ABC programme Edge of the Wedge from 1986.
AND you get to download a mix of tracks chosen by Tom Ellard from the late 70s, early 80s by pioneering electropop bands such as Rolf and Florian (Kraftwerk), YMO, Telex, SPK etc ...


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