Thursday, 28 February 2008

Seven Hour Lamb

ok ... so I'm on a roll ... 4 posts in one day ... I'm bored and a tad listless ... sue me!!!
I was speaking to T at work about the time P, M and me did a 7 hour lamb roast. In fact that was our inaugural cook-up ... the very first one and at the old house too. I remember it being a rather frosty saturday in July 2005 ... we trundled off to Vic Market in spitting rain for supplies ... came back home and got stuck in the grog ... managing a more than satisfying gourmet style ploughman's lunch ... really its the only lunch to have when you've been to the market delis ....
As the name suggests, or rather states quite clearly, the cooking process takes at least 7 hours .. well 7 hours straight in the oven ... not counting preparation time ...
we played cards to while away the hours ... well twas supposed to be a friendly game ... lets just say I saw a side of P's that I had not encountered previously ... hhmmm!!
(Anyhoo, P, before you get a complex about this all , I realise that the recent posts seem to mention you alot ... don't get conceited!! You seem to have coincided with my brief spurt of blog updating energy ... it won't last ... so enjoy it while you can.)
Anyhooo ... pics are worth a k words!!
Roasting tray being sealed with a mixture of flour and water
ready for the oven
Out of the oven ready for plating ... and yes we went overboard with the bouque garni ... but it was worth it
Ready for carving ... although you literally could just peal the meet off
Plated ... can't really remember how the taters were done ... but it was yummy ... I'm sure there would have been blue cheese involved
the accompanying salad ..   i do believe that is bocconcini .. or possibly mozerella .... both excellent with green salad btw
 OMG ... its a chocohotopot!!
And of course the satisfied customers ... and thats me showing what I thought of P's displays at the card table ...
(oh and you can find the recipe here ....  ... thanks to dave and gail's blog)

Do you like my tight Sweater

Ok ... so we know this woman is too cool for school so much so it hurts ... all those crazy dance moves and screwy Gareth Pugh clothes ... but who knew under all that pixelated couture madness was an amazingly brave and talented artist ... how much more unplugged can you get ... 

Everyone sing along:

As science struggles on to try and explain
Oxytoxins flowing ever into my brain!!!

We love you P5 Oh Yes We do

Ok ... its a trip down memory lane.

Recently one very magnanimous member of the P5 digest sent out a link to his old FTP server which is about to die completely. I'm desperately fighting against time to download all those little digital snapshots of a bygone era onto the hard-drive .. music that is currently languishing in 2 boxes and one very dusty row of mini-discs ... a reminder of the time when digital formats were exciting and new ... and the novelty of the world wide web was as fresh as the plastic wrappers round my P5 CDs ... meticulously collected from Indent orders and trips overseas. Oh P5 ... I still remember discovering you via Helen (of Helen and Alan fame) ... it was Made in the USA ... that started it all off ...

  ... it was my first foray into all things Japonise ... and a burgeoning lust for anything remotely resembling loungecore ... bachelor pad music ... esquivel

 ... retro album covers ... 

Nomiya Maki
60s prints ... that base line on Tokyo Mon Amour ... the frenzied harpsichord stabs set to a sampled beat .... the parping oboe solo on that FPM record ... the pre-pubescent vocals of Kahimi Karie ... barely whispered heavily sexual ...

 Kahimi Karie

and all those japanese artists that were inextricably linked ... too many to mention ... here are but a few

Buffalo Daughter

Cibo Matto

Fantastic Plastic Machine

Tatsuo Sunaga

Manabu Iwamura

Cubismo Graffico

everything was so simple then ... possibilities endless ... I could actually deam of creativity ... and I could still hit g above middle c with comfort ... this was all before Ok Computer changed everything!!

I still maintain that my P5 collection (incomplete as it is) will be buried with me ... why did this particular Japanese group touch such a chord ... its hard to explain ... JPop used to be such a bad word ... endless seiko matsuda drivel ... now even shinna ringo is cool ... aahh sweet strawberry memories ....!!!
(server finally died ... RIP P5)

Hungry like a Wolf

Ok ... so if anyone asks who my perfect man is ...

In touch with the ground
Im on the hunt Im after you
Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd

And I'm Hungry Like the wolf

Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme
Im on the hunt Im after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine

And I'm Hungry like the Wolf

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Her World/ Female circa 74

Ok ... so i sleptwalk my way through David Jones today ... is it just me or is the fashion world horribly conservative all of a sudden ... then there are these upstart labels ... I mean $429 for a Politix Poly-plastic pea coat??? Are youse serious??
So I do believe I'm edging my way ever closer to that Hem & Haw jacket ... I'll need some thin woollen jumpers to complete the picture and then I do believe I'm all set for Autumn work wear. I'm aging my clothes by default ... I thought this would be alot harder going.
Skinny jeans today ... straight leg, collared shirt, V-neck woollen jumper and dependable black jacket tomorrow ...
Mind you, I haven't done the Fitzroy stretch for awhile .... who knows ... something might inspire me down there ...
Promise that I will get over this self obsession and start concentrating on more important things in life like friends .. food ... love ... sex .... (20 years younger and this would all have been reversed)
If anyone knows of any cute little off beat comparably priced men's clothing stores ... you know what to do .... 

Sunday, 17 February 2008

eastern promises at eastern market

ok ... well the first shopping trip was ... well to put it delicately ... pedestrian at best ... sorry P, but you were totally under the weather and it was like having a sick child in tow ... but anyhoo ... I don't believe that the day was entirely a write-off.
 We did discover one of those eclectic little boutiques ... the kind that never really fronts the street, or if it did .. you either stepped down or stepped sideways to enter some sort of cavernous hall with racks lining the sides ... and an orchestrated abandone of accessories and objet d'arts .. and wood panelling ... or piano black glass filling in the gaps (piano black is my word d'jour ...) ... and usually run by some middle aged lady of leisure either plump with big hair ... or skinny with cropped hair and black .... always black!! I'm talking about Eastern Market in grattan st ... I think P and I were slightly out of our league ... but we put up a brave front, considering they were throwing garments at us left right and centre, god even P got me worried with a white shirt that he seemed to have taken a fancy to ... a bargain at the discounted price of $750 ...
Now when in the moment, in front of an almost baroque mirror with Edna E Mode tugging at your shoulders .... I think your body switches on some kind of fashion trigger that releases courture endorphins ... or something or other ... and u start entertaining thoughts of putting money aside ... or pulling out your credit card and possibly cutting down on that extra daily coffee or store-bought lunches ... just so you could own that carol christian poell jacket .... knowing full well that it would languish in the dark recesses of your wardrobe reserved for old second hand coats ... as a testament to money ill-spent!!!
In the cold light of day ... that light shade of bland with its simple cut ... woudl just look like any other cast off you get from Savers ... and the sleeves ... don't start me on the whole sleeve issue ... P got a bit of an ear bashing from me regarding sleeves ... its sooo not the fashion .... we want shrunken jackets ... with more cuff showing!!!
So apart from this obscure Austrian designer ... there was some italian collective that seemed to have dissolved and gone its separate ways .... everything seemed to be in treated fabric of some sort ... with off centre details that for the most part worked ... including stitching on a jacket by some kind of installation artist ... there were some really great boots ... including a rather trendy pair of wellies that P tried on ... (he couldn't quite get the zip up or down ... twas a funny moment ... these things usually happen to me ... so it was nice to see the shoe ... or in this case, the boot ... on the other foot)
Oh and who can forget the wallet made out of stingray skin .... classic!! I almost thought it was going to glow in the dark ... then it made me feel nauseous so I'm glad that Edna Mode got distracted by some other distressed garment with striaght jacket starchiness.
I think we stopped at Chiodo next ... Comme Des Garcons does nice shirts ... and the Chiodo overcoats are very very tempting!!!
Then it was one of those discount designer spaces that was full off tat ... but sometimes it does pay to be a little thorough ... though remember to bring wet ones ....
Assin - all I can say to you is DIOR darling!!! And my wallet looks up at me and shakes its head (if it had a head .... stay with me peops ... use a bit of imagination) in disdain at my self-delusion
Oh and as for trendy trackky daks .... that would be a resounding NO!!!
James Cameron ... finally got there ... you know what .. if i was in the market for a suit ... thats the place I would go to ... it was all rather on the safe side ... although the blue shirt was lovely with its sky blue buttons ... must look out for when they have a sale ...
Alpha, hem & haw, Marais (Viktor and rolf!! hehe) ... in, round and out ... with nothing to show for it.
If you want my opinion .. shopping sux here ... even if you did have the money to throw around ... go overseas ... pack light and bring back a shitload of stuff to last you at least 3 seasons ...
(oh and did I not get the memo or something ... but who the fuck revitalised Lanvin??? Didn't it die along with disco???? I guess now that we have Fred Perry, Dunlops, La Coste all having made inroads to the mor market ... maybe we'll see a bit more of ellese, fila, alain delon???)

Friday, 15 February 2008


Ok ... P if you're reading this call me. I've lost most of my contacts on the mobile .... including your number!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Things that make you go Hhmmmm

Ok ... First off, I've been slack. I have an entry here sitting in draft for god knows how long. So long that its no longer relevant. So whatevs!!!

I will endeavour to keep this damn thing updated.

May have more to say after my planned shopping spree with the lovely P ... who borrowed my Viktor and Rolf shirt and promptly spilt wine all over it ... haha ... no I exaggerate. That was for your benefit P, because you're the only loser that still reads this damn thing. Anyhoo ... I can barely see the spot ... where the fuck is it anyways. There are more important things in life to be concerned about ...... and I'm being honest here peops ... somethings in life can never be explained satisfactorily ... if I was to be aboslutely "postmodern" about this ... then I should accept it at face value .....


Ok .... before I forget ... went to the Big day out with K & M.

Perishingly hot ... needed 3 applications of sunscreem ... absolute seething dustbowl .... ratm wankers everywhere ... boiler room full of chapel street hooners ... reminded of why I love summer and straight boys ... $13.30 for a pitiful souvlaki and water ('nuff said) ... k had no id so couldn't be tagged for alcohol ... which means that we continued to put up with ratm wankers without the benefits of being slightly inebriated (how true!!! - obscure french and saunders reference that only R will get) ... oh and saw the following bands:


Josh Pyke (because I was forced to)
midnight juggernauts (great but the sound was blowing in the wind)
spoon (ga ga ga ga ... gag!!! - no they were good .. but not really my cup o tea)
Arcade Fire (OMG!!!!! When that first pipe organ chord rang out on a bona fide pipe organ ... I could have been having sex)
BJORK (words cannot describe ... )
a bit of Battles (great great great ... the poor drummer ... he really earnt his keep)
a bit of dizzee enroute ... it sounded like a real party
LCD Soundsystem (OMFG!!! I'm a chubby chaser now ... if you get a chance ... go see!!!)

Next gig - Beirut
Regreting not doing PJ Harvey ... but $118 + ... I mean seriously!!
But L from work reckons that if you have every single CD of a band ... you're obliged to go and see them each time they play ... kinda makes sense ... wish my wallet thought so as well.

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