Saturday, 12 December 2009

Friends for You - well maybe ... perhaps not so chummy with my bank account

Ok .. in these troubled financial times, when bills are stacking up in ever increasing amounts, rents/mortgage payments astronomical, job security non-existent, what does one do to shore up one's happiness and kick those grown up pains to the curb ... why spend money one can ill afford on art ... of course!! ... Silly you! ... what a question!

They're on Layby (my very first layby ... evah!!!) and will eventually become an Anniversary present to me and M. Don't they just cheer you up no end?? Or is it a generational thing? They're a bit big for our walls ... but I'll find a spot somehow.
Anyhoo, I got them from Friends With You (A Miami based art collective founded by artists Sam Borkson & Arturo Sandoval III) via Outre Gallery. And I was served by the lovely Gemma Jones herself ...! 


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