Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Eternal Summer

Ok .... so went to ILMQFF last night and watched Eternal Summer ... a Taiwanese film.

Me and D really got it ... coz there was our upbringing splashed luridly across the screen in gloriously moody blues and greens ... our hopes, our dreams, our desires ... (i know I'm waxing lyrical ... but it was a taiwanese movie ... c'mon ... crank up the schmalz to the max!!!)

And M did not fall asleep ... that was truly an achievement ... the director of this movie should get an award just for that alone!!!!

Haven't worked out what Eternal Summer means in relation to the plot both literally or symbolically ... maybe something's lost in translation.

(read about it:

CC ... you're so great at organising things ... you have truly chosen a profession that suits your temperament and abilities .... more importantly ... your aptitude!!

Dinner at the Supper Inn was so-so ... I was saying to D at the start that its always been a bit hit and miss there ... but its a melbourne instituition ... it even features in that cool Melbourne city ad with the guy and his imaginary giant traipsing through the city's alleyways! Plus because it used to be the only place open till 3 that served "decent" food, it used to be the place for celebrity spotting ... particularly within the theatre crowd ... you know like Rhonda Buchmore (*cough .. overrated ... cough*) .. etc

Anyways, last night we had:

(i) mixed vegetables in crab meat sauce (great combo if it was mixed vegetables ... it came out from the kitchen with just spinach ... now spinach needs a bit of a kick ... either from a condiment or mixed in with other vegetables like carrot and brocolli ... on its own with the sauce it was simply a bad combo)

(ii) kai-lan with garlic sauce (perfect ... i even had a bit of the sauce just on its own with rice ... )

(iii) suckling pig ... you know ... suckling pig is all about the accompanying sauce ... and the plum was bottle average

(iv) my choice ... steamed minced pork with salted fish ... was good ... but mum does it better (hello! I'm channelling my dad now)

(v) pig intestines (M's fav) ... offal only works for me with strong masking flavours ... this was pretty much fried as is .... with a sweet dipping sauce ... not enough to cover that porky flavour ... so thumbs down for me
But still ... you gotta go ... to experience Supper Inn in all its grimy glory .. starting with the dingy alleyway that its situated in ... the nicotine stained walls and curtains ... the crammed in tables and chairs .... and the exceedingly rude (or indifferent) staff ... fun for all the family!!

cya chookers!!


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