Monday, 26 March 2007

DIY Weekend

Ok ... so this is a little sad ... but M had to pull half of our shower frame apart to tighten the screws holding one bracket against the wall. The shower door has been catching because of this and we needed to lift the frame to gain a bit more height. Anyhoo ... M introduced me to his lovely Pop Rivet Gun (... no funny jokes here of the wink wink nudge nudge variety please ...). I refer you to the pic attached in case you're not quite following me .. (oh and btw, u can find anything on Google images ... and please note that I chose a pink handled one!!!) Its the niftiest thing ever ... you find the right nut for the size pin you need ... stick the pin in, line it up with the hole, squeeze the lever and the gun pops the rivet in and cuts the pin which then just falls into the cavity ... simple .. 1,2,3 and hey presto ... you have a shower screen!!! ... ok maybe not ... but if u know how clueless I am with all this handyman shit, you'll understand how exciting this all is (well ... when I can be bothered with it, its exciting ... otherwise its a total yawn-making bore of bores!!)

Now I have a comment to make on msn messaging ... I find myself accepting practically all requests for people to be added to my msn ... I have people at work on here because it can be handy as a work tool ... particularly if you work in a large building and your office space is well and truly spaced out or over a number of floors ... and you really hate the phones ... and people really hate answering them ... but its the "others" that I am contemplating ... the ones you don't really know ... or they maybe friends of friends... sometimes you may not have even met them ... yet you're investing time sending and responding to messages from people who frankly are sooooo random, that if we were talking about mobile phone numbers ... there's no way you'd be giving your number out. So why do we do it??? I mean its been around long enough to have lost its novelty value (altho I am enjoying my webcam chats!!) ... maybe we crave contact of any kind sooo much ... that random chats with random peops are preferable sometimes to real chats with real people that can be terribly exhausting. Plus if you've never met them, they can't judge you on what you really look like, how you dress .. your mannerisms when you talk ... etc. Then again, this could be just my experience ... my own embarassing little foible ...

Finally a word on the weekend just gone ... went to B & A's for a bbq to celebrate A's official acceptance into the general population and B's impending contribution to the general population ... It was Baby City!!! Me and M were prolly the only childless couple that wasn't expecting ... I kinda like babies ... most of them get me and if they don't ... they just ignore me ... they don't talk about me in spite with other people ... or try to manouvre around the room so that they're not stuck in some corner not talking to me ... but these things come into fruition soon enough ... once they start talking and going to school and playing with friends .... and all the other social nasties that I was never ever good at when I was that age ... Oops sorry ... nothing worse than having to read someone else's self pity while grappling with one's own ... ok but its nice to know that there are people more pathetic than you ... n'est pa? (and more pretensious!?!)

Ok one week till the oldies come ... thats just great!!


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