Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The Long Weekend

OK ... well had to do the rellie thing on Sat night .... it was like walking into a time warp for me ... when we first got there we struggled with finding a safe park!! Seriously!! My cousin's house is on the steepest hill and I was shit scared that the hand break would fail in the car, and my little pony (mark II) would go ploughing through the roundabout and straight down the ravine!

Anyways ... we turned the front wheels in ala San Fransisco (good one MW!!!), did the whole "Hi!" "Oh you made it!!" "Hope we're not too late" "blah blah blah" thing, and got directed to the back of the house. Now Picture this: the men were in the lounge room, lounging on couches ... the women were at the dining table with their punch. We got introduced to the men ... BUT not to the women???? How does that work?? Hello peops ... 2007?

I said to M, this is a bit like being in the Twilight Zone ... how does someone who is reasonably a comtemporary of mine have such an antiquated outlook on social interaction?? When they all congegrate in their little churches (yeah ... that kinda crowd!!) do the women sit on one side of the hall, and the men on the other? I think not!!

At the end of it all everyone mingled but thats mainly because the wives had to claim children and hubby so that they could go home. So it was just the rellies left as dregs ... which suited me fine ... nothing like a little bit of familial gossip to round off an evening.

Sunday night was at D's!!!! D must be the most effortless cook I have ever met. He made it all look so matter of fact ...none of that running around in a panic like me and M do before a party ... none of the shouting and screaming and tears while guests wait worriedly at the door ... he just had one thing going on the stove and then when everyone else turned up, he breezed through another 3 dishes without breaking a sweat ... not even a lip tach! And the annoying thing was it all tasted soooo good! This is not how entertaining should be. Where's the drama??? The high tension??? Marriages should be on the brink of divorce and therapy sessions booked when more than 2 people turn up for drinks and a meal!!!
Anyhoos ... D if you ever read this ... I had the best time!!! Lets start a restaurant together.


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