Monday, 26 March 2007

Vinyl Nest Egg

Ok ... so my mind started to wander at work ... as per ush!!

I know I have 2 collectables in my music collection:

(i) Picture sleeve UK 7" of Kate Bush Wuthering Heights - which I believe is worth round about 20 pounds ... not much you say?? Considering I only paid S$4.00 ... I believe that is a considerable return on my investment

(ii) Postcard of Super Trouper album sleeve signed by all 4 members of ABBA (in ballpoint) - kept the envelope that it came in too!!! - not sure how much this is worth ... but its priceless to me

I'm sure there are more hidden treasure lurking particularly in my vinyl collection ... but who knows whats of value and whats not in this digital age ...

Maybe my Animal Nightlife double gatefold 12" may be worth a mint one day ... haha ... NOT likely ... but I'm sure we'll have a Strawberry Switchblade resurgence one day and my Korova label original vinyl may very well pay off the mortgage ...

But that got me thinking about Record fairs and also op shops ... not just for perhaps one day finding an obscure and highly desirable pressing for $1 ... but also of discovering music consigned to the sale bins that may provide some real gems and be a welcome addition to any respectable music fan's collection ...

To this day I regret with my heart of hearts on not purchasing the 10" vinyl editions of The Smiths albums that were going out for a song at $10 each!!! But I was a poor student then ... I did score mint condition vinyl copies of the Talking Heads albums at $2 (I kid you not) each ... but these aren't original pressings ...

But that got me thinking about turntables ... call me irresolutely old fashioned ... but turntables still bring out the sex in me ... there's nothing more sensually tactile then plopping a record onto the turntable mat ... and hearing the needle drop as that sexy black vinyl starts rotating with its glossy sheen .. then hearing the warm tones emenate from your speakers ...
So as a temporary measure, I looked up turntables online ... and immediately found 2 gorgeous examples to add to my ever increasing wishlist along with a valve amplifier and add-on speakers ... they cost the same as a small japanese car ... but I still so want !!!
simon yorke designed series 9

for further info:
There's not much you can say about this apart from ... rip my clothes off and shag me senseless right now!!!

Then to be absolutely parochial, here's and Aussie contribution (don't knock local product ... I have Counterpoint speakers and they are da bomb-diddy-bomb-diddy-bomb-bomb)
once analog turntable - here's pricing - deep breaths before clicking on the link:
And as with online porn ... nothing beats the real thing!!!

(ok anyone up for some vinyl shopping ... we'll raid the $1.00 bins and pick up anything that looks mildly interesting ... never know what you'll end up with)


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