Thursday, 8 March 2007


Ok well I was screaming along to Beyonce's Resentment when I was stuck at the railway boomgates this morning. And I realised that underneath my truly irritating propensity to smile alot ... (and I mean ALOT!!), I too, like Beyonce "jennifer hudson stole my fire betch!!!" Knowles, am "full of resentment".

I resent the fact that in the early days of my career, I had to take whatever job I could get while waiting for my PR ... I resent the fact that I was so late getting onto roacutane, that my skin is now irredeemably scarred ... I resent the fact that people do not see my potential becoz I'm not out there waving my own flag ... I resent the fact that friends will and do dissapoint you on ocassion ... and I resent the fact that if you're reading this now ... you are also judging me!!!

Anyway ... just a little snapshot of how I really feel sometimes ... I try not to bear grudges ... I really do!!


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