Thursday, 15 March 2007

Hokkien Mee

Ok ... just a quick one whilst I remember ... this must be my favouritest noodle dish in the world!!! Its called Hokkien Mee and I believe it is uniquely Singaporean, at least in the form that I like. Malaysia has an equivalent, but theirs is darker in colour and flavour as they use dark soy.

Its a noodle dish that is cooked in Prawn stock wth prawns, squid and sometimes sliced pieces of chinese fishcake (not to be confused with the more commonly known Thai variety). Generally two types of noodle are used: yellow egg noodles (hence Hokkien Mee - "Mee" meaning noodles) and laksa noodles ... which look like egg noodles but are made from rice ... so are in fact white in colour. Sometimes the laksa noodles are substituted with thin rice vermicelli (which we call bee hoon, or mee hoon, depending on your dialect). And its usually served with a pungent thick sambal and a squeeze of kalamansi lime to round the flavours off.

Its a dish that is hard to come by in Melbourne - I know of only one place that serves it - Chom Chom in the city - cnr of Bourke and Russell streets. I'm sure there's more, but I haven't looked hard enough or travelled far enough ... well I'm not going all the way to Glen Waverley just to scratch a nostalgic gourmet itch ... ("nice Victorian name like Glen Waverley Kim" ... oh JC ... I do miss u sometimes ... but only just ... u little mofo)

And as to why I just thought of this dish? Well I went for a really big walk with J on the strength of a small ham and cheese sanger ... and walked past all these wonderful fat frying smells ... and cool bars ... and its a rather humid day ... *sigh*)
get it. got it. good.


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