Thursday, 29 March 2007

Oh Brother ... Oh Bother!!!

Ok .. Good News Everyone!!! I am now the proud owner of this nifty little sewing machine that does 27 stitches and has a self threading needle ... its is the PS55 peops .... say it with me ... the PS55!!!

Thank you sooo much M. Twas not the way I intended celebrating our 16 years ... but I guess we got alot of issues out into the open ... and as they say ... better out than in. We can only grow from this ... I hope.

Now much as I LOVE my little brosew55 (my name) ... the pressure is now on!!! OMG ... the ukelele and guitar have both ended up in an elephant's graveyard (if you do cryptic crosswords .. you'll get this) ... this cannot go the same way ... happily I have already attended a Pattern Making course with J (well it was really only a one-dayer, and if J wasn't there to help me, I would have have been completely lost) .. so I have made a start. But, I think that shirt-making is a little too advanced (for which I did a pattern in the course) ... I might start with making a bag ... a pretty bag ... and completely bedazzled of course ... or I could attempt to change the zip on some of my cardies .... is that a little too ambitious my faithful reader(s)??? I haven't even fully threaded the damn thing ... although i did get a kick out of spooling thread onto the bobbin!!! Like OMG ... totally!!

And now for some random observations:

Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli in Heroes

How fucking awesome is HEROES ... it just gets better and better ... and Peter Petrelli ... if they show one more close up of those peepers of yours ... I swear I'm going to have a cardiac arrest ... and I am soooooo jealous of that fringe of yours ... and I totally dig your twisted mouth ... and ooh I feel all of 14 again!!!

And I can't get that damn Fratellis song out of my head .... Aaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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