Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Do I Blog?

Forgot that I set this up ... do I blog? Who knows and really who cares!!!



Temasek wrote:

OK Danise!!! we will have no mention of stolen grapes, how guys don't get me, erm ... dodgy housemates who ignore the label on the milk bottle that says Mine!, ... erm well ... coz thats the sort of thing you put in staff emails ... anyhoo ... I love Camille ... she was the vocal on that first big Nouvelle Vague album ... and hate to say this ... but old news love!!! I'm sure David already has a copy .. hehe

9 Mar.

Danise wrote:

Bonjour Mon Ami I shall read as long as there is no dicussion about weight loss, bike riding, grapes, personal despair, and um.... anything to do with previous work spaces/ places. ahahahahahahah. No actually THAT is the only reason to read these um err on line diary things. I LOVE IT. So what's for dinner? Would love to see photos of the Newy's bambino!! Have you heard of Camille? GO and listen.. So French, So Fun. Love ya. xxx

9 Mar.

Random Fandom wrote:

If a tree falls in the woods dand no one is there to hear it, will someone blog about it?
My thoughts are yes.
Welcome to the lame-o world of bloggers in which I (your random blog visitor) is a part.

9 Mar.


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