Thursday, 22 March 2007

American Doll Posse

Ok ... well we've all heard about the new Tori Amos Cd thats due out May 1st called American Doll Posse. (if you haven't, just nod your head .. it doesn't really matter)

So pictures of the "posse" have been filtering through on the web ... but what really gets to me is that she has names for each of them ... i mean c'mon!!! Names???? How self-indulgent is that? And from the track list, it looks like a double cd??? Again??? Why oh why in this post-itunes-download era, is the record company willing to indulge an artist, who frankly speaking, has not done anything commercially decent since, I dunno, Cornflake Girl??? When was that ... 94??


Anyhoo ... she's taking her "posse" on tour. She's not having an easter egg hunt, but a posse hunt ... and she wants us to look out for the blogs that her posse girls write .... HELLO DING DING DESSTINATION LOONEY CENTRAL ...

But you know that I will buy it when it comes out in all its limited edition packaged glory ... and then a few months down the track ... I'll be online tracking down the accompanying piano book ... I'm such a Tori loser ... I can't help it ... she wrote Winter for chrissakes!! I'll forgive her "Scarlett's Walk" just on the strength of that song alone.

Well here's the tracklist:

Yo George
Big Wheel
Bouncing off Clouds
Teenage Hustling
Digital Ghost
You Can Bring Your Dog

Mr. Bad Man
Fat Slut
Girl Disappearing
Secret Spell
Devils and Gods
Body and Soul

Father's Son
Programmable Soda
Code Red
Roosterspur Bridge
Beauty of Speed

Almost Rosey
Velvet Revolution
Dark Side of the Sun
Posse Bonus
Smokey Joe
Go to for more updates ... including the little snippet of Tori introducing the new album.

Lets re-convene on this matter after May 1st ... we can trash the individual tracks then.


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