Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Express Train

Ok ... two things!!

Firstly i had to PT into work this morning ... first time in ages. I dropped my little pony (mark II) off at the mechanics for its little service. Trekked down the main street to the station and then got very very excited because the next train was express from MP to NM!!! EXPRESS MY ARSE - it only had to skip 3 stations, 2 of which are literally in line of sight of each other, and still it took longer than the normal train!! How does this work peops??? I am constantly asking this question of life! You can take your Sheena Easton's and Harry Connick's and all other Z-grade celebs and blow it our of your Connex Arse!!!

Right ... thats the session for the day .. your hour is up!

Oh before I forget ... Secondly heard this lyric on the radio today ... not sure what the song is or by who (any thoughts add a comment):

"You make friends with ugly people
So you'll stand out in a crowd"

Hhmmm ... i think there's a fair bit in this to muddle over ... don't you agree?

(ps ... had some web cam action last nite ... *wink wink*)

(ed's note: these were not in the original post! But enjoy them nonetheless)


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