Friday, 1 January 2010

Avatar - the mouths we could feed

Ok ... so we just watched Avatar in all its 3D Imax glory. A film reputed to have cost about 500 million smackeroos!

For those without a conscience, all that moolah translates wonderfully on screen. The CGI is near perfect and the 3D thrills are jaw droppingly splendid. Some of the set pieces are a marvel to behold ... when Jake falls into the water, the drag of the tide is palpable ... when Jake chooses his Leonoptery the flight scene that ensues is gut-wrenchingly believable ...

The story itself is nothing new. Its Miliary Might and Corporate Vigour against Mother Earth and all its pantheistic variants. Unfortunately, the predictable Hollywood ending will have you believe any kind of balance can only be redressed by acts of nihilistic violence, transparently disguised as the good forces of nature winning over Man's inherent tendency to corrupt and destroy.

This is dissappointing. Am I being too precious about it all? Well ... go see it ... I recommend you do. And certainly on an IMAX screen in 3D ... then let me know if I am misguided in saying that Violence won out in the end ... but just don't accuse me of oversimplifying things ... not when we're talking about a Hollywood blockbuster like this.
Temasek wrote:

ERM WHY????!!!!!!!! SHOULD I BE EXCITED???!!! Should I be sending out the invitations already? Email me!!
13 Jan
dan cope wrote:

Can't go past bombay saphire. What are you doing on the 19th Feb???? Are you still in the city for workies?
12 Jan
Temasek wrote:

Time for a G & T (hendricks of course) ... erm by the way ... where were you when I was discovering the pleasures of hendricks and a sloe gin fizz?? NOT HERE!! Thats where!!
12 Jan
dan copewrote:

We saw it on a little screen no bigger than a iphone really really far away. Canberra for you hey. I loved it. I understand totally what you saying and i think money is wasted. Sam W though was great and his lady friend was just great, well her voice. I am now waiting to see what J cameron will do with the profits, not to mention the games, merchandising, blah blah. He should be made to give 20% of these profits to indigineous popluations world wide for the destruction that has been done to their native lands in the search for oil etc.. oh don't get me started.. i need a drink now..
12 Jan


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