Sunday, 24 January 2010

Why do we love dumplings - Red Panda, Preston

Ok why do we love dumplings so much ... especially a good xiao long bao.

And let me tell you this was one of the better ones ... where? Well all the way in Preston at Red Panda.
It was one of those left out Saturdays!! You know when you furiously try to fit social committments round a particular week and suddenly realised you're stuck with nothing to do on the Saturday evening ... which really should be the focal point of the weekend? Well its a good time for recharging and what better way than to call up those comfortable friends and have a quiet meal together.
It was CC's suggestion that we head out here for some dumplings. If D had been available we may very well have headed box hill-wise. I have yet to sample the delights of the Dumpling King there.
However, I have to say that the xiao long bao here are more than adequate. I just love biting into these sweet parcels of pork and dough and having the liquified meat gelatin squirt deliciously into your mouth. Its one of those food marvels people crap on about.
We also had these won tons cooked in chilli oil sauce which were divine. It was just the right kind of spicy for me. Spicy of the Shanghainese variety but missing the ponderous note of pi-xian beans that marks alot of the dishes from this particular region.
Once the won tons were fished out and consumed, the remainding sauce was brilliant with steamed rice. Very satisfying indeed.
Staying on the dumplings tip, we also ordered a plate of stir fried pork that came with steamed buns for wrappin. The pork was slightly sweetish which ended up a little too cloying towards the end. And the little slivers of slimy leek were also starting to annoy. But in small doses (i.e. one parcel each) its an enjoyable dish and dramatic in its presentation.
As usual we ordered waayy too much food.
In addition to the 3 dumpling dishes (and thats 2 lots of xiao long bao), we also had a cold dish of spicy pork, beans cooked with chilli minced meat and fish and preserved vegetables stew. And we were a grand party of 4!!!


Temasek wrote:
OMFG!!! JP!!! Are you back?? If so, email me!! If not, email me anyways. And Copey!! CB and we get drool together.
25 Jan
Julie Pizzino wrote:
this places sounds, and looks, amazing!
25 Jan
dan cope wrote:
drooling... aaaahhhhh... xx
25 Jan


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