Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lazy Days

Ok ... lazy days are for:

hanging out with the ones you love ... or like ... or sometimes merely tolerate just for the sake of some company
dancing wildly in your lounge room to dub step or london grime
making faces in the mirror
a hot steamy bowl of noodles ... the kind the man at the store pre-empts with a "maybe too strong for non-asians" .. the kind served with a plate of crispy bean shoots and cabbage ... the kind at places where the condiments are just as important
a bowl of fishy mekong noodles at footscray market

crispy been shoots and cabbage

lazy days are also for:

ice cold bevies at your local pub
ice cold bevies turning into juicy burgers
wild imaginings and silly happenstance

taking crazy photos at crazy angles
shouting at birds
Random jazzers on city street
laughing and smiling ... wryly ... in general

Aah ... lazy days!! May you have many of them this year.
Temasek wrote:

you can never have too much coriander ... unless of course its slightly old and rank! I hope you added some cooked rice vermicelli to your asian salad!! CB.
18 Jan

dan cope wrote:

I made a asian inspired salad after reading this. So many bean shoots M would have been proud and far too much corriander. Hugs d x
18 Jan

dan cope wrote:

love it. aaaahhhhh :)
15 Jan


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