Monday, 4 January 2010

A Rumble and an Eyeball - Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Forum

Ok ... the new year started off with a bang ... several actually ... each spewing forth a shower of sparkly red "Y"s - it was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at The Forum ...

Now it wasn't the greatest gig ever ... although it comes close to textbook perfection. It had volume, colour, charisma, audience participation and even an attenuated attempt at teenage rebellion when a skinny jeaned indie flop lit a cigarette (whoo ... edgy maaan!!).

The Stage was a big eye ball (and if you've got that Glass Onion tune running in your head right now ... then wow I'm impressed). And during Zero (or was it Heads will roll?) they rolled out 2 massive beachballs with an eyeball on each like the one up on stage ... and we pushed it round the auditorium ... I know cheesy ... but so much fun. I couldn't get a decent photo though.

Karen O always looks like she's having the best time just with herself, she climbed into the audience at one point and got some of the punters to do some woo-oohs into the mic ... I'm amazed at the fact that she pretty much carries ALL the vocals. The boys simply play instruments ... they don't supply any BVs. Brian Chase looked particularly geeky behind his sticks ... but what power ... and the little powerhouse emo Nick Skinner on guitars is exactly that. But all of KO's raspy screaming and swallowing of the microphone is surely going to take its toll one day.
But in the meantime I was happy that she did some of my favs like Maps, Hysteric, Y Control, Gold Lion. But Cheated Hearts certainly was a revelation for me last night. I think we need to re-assess Show your Bones.


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