Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blok M

Ok ... so we finally made it to Blok M.

Blok M is apparently a hustlin and a bustlin entertainment ares in Jarkata housing shops, bars, markets and all manner of entreprenuerial (sic) endeavours, nefarious and otherwise!! I believe the advertisorial blurb on the walls refers to it as a "shopper's paradise, money-makers nightmare".
Anyhoo, this particular branch is located on 380 Ltl Bourke Street and caters primarily for the office crowd and overseas students needing a fix. Stepping off the hustle and bustle of Bourke street into this small split level space heavy with the smells of lemon grass, coriander, coconut, tamarind, kecap manis and a hint of durian transports you instantly to the tropical climes of your recent south-east asian holiday, or in my case, my erstwhile home.
Now the food is not the greatest, but the sambal (make sure you ask for it at the counter if your meal doesn't come with a splodge of that belachan goodness) is terrific and the flavours are on the whole apt. We had some deep fried tahu (bean curd) and tempe (fermented soy bean cakes) to begin with accompanied by a mildly spicy peanut sauce:
This is so easy to make and is the perfect party food. You can buy packs of tempe and firm tofu slabs in the supermarket. Just slice into bite siz pieces and fry in oil till crisp. If you cba making the peanut sauce from scratch (which is not difficult), buy a bottle from the asian store and add a dollop of kecap manis when serving.
I had Ayam Bakar (roasted chicken) with rice. The marinade was sticky and sweet. Very nice.
M had the Mee Goreng Kambing (lamb) which was pedestrian. He found it a bit too sweet and the noodles just a little bit too al dente. But if you're needing a quick fix and you're in this part of the city, there are worse places to go to than here.



dan cope wrote:
yum.. love it when you speak french to me.. xx
22 Jan
Temasek wrote:
Stir fried noodles ... yum ... one of my favs!! Ok a bit of tough love now ... sort yourself out and come back!! Too many wasted years! Miss you heaps too ... in fact ... both me and M commented just today that we missed you ... after having a couple fo great glasses of wine and a croque monsieur over at Merricks!
21 Jan
dan cope wrote:
so yummy. I cooked an inspried stiry fry noodle dish last night. One of my best.. No idea where the idea came from??? maybe you?? maybe three hungry tummies?? Took about 8 mins. It had alot of mixed up flavours in there but somehow it worked. Little white girl dance.. I work across the rd from a supermarket called Hub. Asian (massive) supermarket. I need you though b/c I am loosing my touch.. Miss you D.. Really really miss you. xx
21 Jan


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