Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy Birthday J!!

Ok ... another child's birthday and an angel gets its wings!

Here's to you J!!
I'm 2! I'm 2!
Thats 2 more over you.
For that I get to beat my drum
And eat my cake thats yum yum yum
I get to call and watch you come
I'll let you rub my tum tum tum
The beat, the bash, the bosh, the clang
The starry flight and wooshing land
The fairies, bunnies, monsters too
The big ones sometime spoil the view
But I don't care because I'm 2!
And that is 2 more over you!!


Temasek wrote:
Oh Copolla ... your breaking my heart ... there's a spare room here hun!!
4 Jan
dan cope wrote:
I read this and cried. I miss you guys. Life sux.
d xxx

The photos are lovely! the boys are so big!. sob sob.
4 Jan


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