Monday, 6 July 2009

Sucked in!!

Ok ... so I admit it ... I was Sucked in by this whole 90 mill "lets throw our money away but you have to be in it to win it" lotto frenzy that has gripped the nation!! Suffice it to say I am typing this at my desk which means one thing and one thing only ....!! My life is E-XAC-TLY the same as it was pre the 8.30 Tuesday draw as it is now.
It would have been great to have some good news as I am feeling a little Sowwy for myself!! This does occasionally happen in our makeshift Barbie dreamhouse of a life ...  after all you can never be too happy all the time ... there has to be a few face-shovel-hit moments to make you appreciate the rainbow farts in between ...
Suffice it to say, the lack of updates is symptomatic of the general self-pitying malaise that has shrouded proceedings of late ... so it is now time for some random point form updates just so we can all keep abreast until the next earth-shattering event comes smack on round the corner:
(i) Apologies first to P - sorry to have dumped my mess on you at drinks yesterday - thank you for being so supportive despite trying to shush me at one point
(ii) Finally met D's new bf C!! Lovely. We worked out that we hadn't seen each other since last year - which is too fucking long!! I miss you very much D.
(iii) I'm still hating on the little people I'm afraid!!
(iv) Loving the new Gossip and Bibio CDs - have decided to buy the next round of EMI Radiohead re-packages for the b-sides - looking forward to scoring the new La Roux release.
(v) We have decided on some French Doors for the house - YAY!! We should have them installed in about  a month's time if all goes well.
(vi) Spent Sunday arvo measuring up the spare room for shelving - trying to decide how we can configure it all in order to fit the space - the aerobed is currently on special which is great timing.
(vii) Bumped into L who we haven't seen for more than 4 years - he is still the same!! I think his squeals of recognition could have been heard the length of Bridge road
(viii) Hector's burgers are still the same - yummy!!
Oh and we're off to Arthur's seat at the end of this week - Merricks here we come!!!
(you know what - things aren't so bad after all!)


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