Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bitte Bitte Abschließend

Ok ... so I mentioned how things have been looking up slightly musicwise ... firstly I can't believe how my guilty pleasure continues to repay me with repeated listens ... there's something hypnotic about La Roux ... they make me want to strut and howl in falsetto!! Make no mistake this is a Pop album, so don't come hoping to hear anything cutting edge or trailblazing, despite what some of the critical paundits are saying. This is still 80s fodder rehashed and remashed for the noughties. But there's something endearing about that falsetto, and the lyrics can be a little quirky. I'm still humming the Bulletproof chorus in my head!!

On the slightly more po-faced front, my other current fav is the Dirty Projectors newie Bitte Orca:
How do i describe this?? Tempos shift, time signatures are a bitch, there's a strong electronic influence, but there's a real band in here with actual singers!! Its like listening to some 70s heavy metal/r&b/folk hybrid that has been glossed over for the current decade. Intriguing and just the sort of thing I want to listen to now.
And for complete and utter party fun - Major Lazer's Guns don't kill people ... lazers do!
Diplo & Co are at it again, trawling the london streets for grime, dub and ukfunky ... essential party listen!! (defining moment - autotuned baby crying ... classic!!)


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