Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mit Bruno ins Gold Klasse - Alles Klar??

Ok ... so really apart from IMAX, the only other way to go is to see a movie at Gold Class.
 ... the plush seats, your own hostess with the mostest ... press buttons for personalised service ... I mean really ... this is what flying 1st class must be like!! Oh to be of the monied class!!
Anyhoo, I'd already been to a screening of Bruno with M's band ... a whole bunch of sniping queens taking up the last 4 rows at the Nova ... interesting to compare the laugh points between that audience and the one from work ... some of the,  lets say,  more "experienced" amongst us were actually laughing the hardest ... although A had to leave the theatre for a bit when Bruno was being slapped around by the MISF (or Mother I'd be Scared to Fuck) at the Swingers party he crashes.
I found the baby celeb parents the hardest to stomach ... the lengths they were prepare to allow their babehs to go to just to get the gig ... unbelievable ... lipo-suction? Science Experiments? Crucifixion? Nice one America!! Oh and those PR twins and dafur ... are youse for real?
After the movie it was off to Fiesta's for mexican food and rounds of tequila shots and roided up margaritas .. I realise I work with crazy people ... y'all crazee betches!!
I will be kind and not post any incriminating pics ... also I think its a matter of time before someone finds out and Yes!! All fingers will then be pointing at you TN!! So here's a blurred shot of yours truly with peg on head ... and the inspiration for this madness!!
Post-script: - had a great time at D's birthday freezing me tits off in the beer garden at Wesley Anne on a particularly icy wintry Melbourne nite. Top marks babe!! AND I finally got to meet DB, and all I can say is I can see why!!! Oh and I hate being put on the spot, and I was!
Post-post-script: - seeing the Michael Nyman band on Tuesday night and got my tix for Chicago, so when you're good to mamma ...


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