Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Arthur's Seat Pt 2 - of prime ministerial and military matters

Ok ... M has always wanted to go to Point Nepean ... he can remember a time when it was one of those childhood mysteries .... no one was allowed transverse this hallowed military ground ... what were they up to over there? Was it purely defence? What about all those quarantine shacks? ... and of course it gained further notoriety with Harold Holt's supposed drowning ... ooh more conspiracy aaah!!
Anyhoo, let me just say it was Freeeeeezzzing !!! But we had fun combing through the underground bunkers and looking at the dissappearing gun and the amazing vantage points the soldiers would have had. I took some amazing shots ... well they are to me ... and of course a foot photo to commemorate the occasion ...
I was desperately trying to psyche out some semblance of paranormal activity ... but nothing ... I don't think I'm open to these sorts of things. You can actually walk the length and breadth of Point Nepean, it does narrow down considerably at one stretch. There are areas that are off limits as there is still unexploded ammunition lurking in the undergrowth. They are slowly picking their way through and making it safe. You can also pay extra and take the transporter which takes you to 4 different designated stop points. We took it right to the very end before alighting and having a wander:

I'm really not au fait with all that militaristic stuff so I was more interested in camera angles and unusually framed shots (I know ... I am seriously deluded), but I do love tunnnels and bunkers ... there's something seriously sexy about these spaces ... (and yes I am thinking of the floor manager again as I type this)
and the bauhaus brutalist elements are quite cool ...
and of course there is always time for an action shot:
I'm not jumping out of my skin raving about this ... but it is something to do and the area is seeped in historical relevance and the beauty in its remoteness is stunning.


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