Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Arthur's Seat Pt 3 - Of trash and treasure

Ok ... so what else did we discover on our away day - the Tyabb packing house:

Near the train station this area seemingly went on for miles ... jam packed full of crap that surely is someone's treasure somewhere ... you could literally spend days here ... it certainly is worth a visit.

I nearly died when I turned the corner and discovered the rows of books ...

And just before closing time we stumbled on the Art Deco section ... will certainly have to come back and look at these at leisure ...

There's a whole bunch of antique themed stores along the Tyabb road ... including the Mornington Antique centre which follows the same format as the Tyabb packing house but perhaps a little less organised and, believe it or not, a little more full of crap ... you have to be patient at this one but I'm sure there are gems waiting for the persevering ... we, and by that I mean M, scored a standing lamp with a simple base that we both agreed was really cool ... shame about the shade ... but that can always be changed ... it does kinda of fit though ...

Oh and as about PC as a golliwog ... but we were very tempted by this stone statue for the garden ... but we decided that $120 was just a little too much ...



Temasek wrote:
well that can be easily remedied ... you know what to do!
29 July

dan cope wrote:
oh man. soo jealous. x
28 July


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