Monday, 13 July 2009

Arthur's Seat - Epilogue

Ok ... I fucking want a holiday house peoples!!!

I took 2 days off and we spent 2 blissful wintry nights at Arthur's Seat courtesy again of A & R's generosity.

And of course we went to Merricks and pretty much blew our wine budget on a case of Queasy Rangeous (well its actually Quealy Rageous but you would fell queasy too if you saw the price tag on the case we bought) Sangiovese/Shiraz/Pinot Noir/Merlot blend. So no further trips to wineries, we did however discover the delights of Antique (read crap) shopping along thee Tyabb road - but more of that later as this is just a prelude - but here's something to tantalize:
And I have to say that music is starting to get very very interesting - cue Florence and the Machine, Bibio, Dirty Projectors, Sunset Rubdown and Deastro. Will fill you in shortly (no not like that!!)


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