Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Of Cutlery and Pencils - when artistic leanings cannot be forced

Ok ... I had an entry sitting in draft from when we went to the John Brack's exhibition at the NGV recently. Rather than try and show off about how artisitically savvy I am when in actual truth I just love the pretty pictures, I have decided to reveal a humble poem that I have also kept in draft which is both an apology and a warning to those who happen to stray onto the pages of this blog, accompanied of course by some lovely Photos from google of John Bracks paintings:
Here goes.
Apologies for naught and scroggin’
Time to rub the faithful noggin
waving goodbye as it slams the screed door
A dust mite quivers then shivers some more

Its time to quit this lazy bitch
For better climes and lives enriched
With information pure and true
Comedic turns and maudlin hues

Sometimes yellow, sometimes blue
And sometimes masticated poo
In short, a fun time to be had by all,
Pray by this blog you never stall


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