Monday, 27 July 2009

Is Anime so last season??

Ok is anime really so last season? I was caught perusing the anime aisle at the local stereoreo emporium and was asked whether I was into anime in an incredulous tone ... and I belive there was even a postcript of a snigger ... hypercritical poncy bitch, I swear!!
But whatevs haters, thanks to my local asian keeling on a customs knife edge of a dvd store, I scored:
(i) the last Miyazaki, which I have mentioned previously. It is cutenss overload but in such a brilliant way ... and it certainly encapsulates a particular child hood fantasy of mine of having my house and its surrounds covered in water ...

(ii) latest Studio IG offering "The Skycrawlers" - as expected the animation is top notch, the situations at once normal and at once inscrutable ... initial premise is promising, but some may find too much dialogue and "atmos" not enuff action ... I am preparing myself to be dissappointed.
(iii) a HK/China offering from 2008 - Storm Riders Clash of the Evils - this is really all over the place ... it kinda just starts and then forges ahead on some kind of steroid speedball ... I'm having touble keeping up ... and I'm starting to not really care ... still it could be your cuppa.


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