Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Arthur's Seat Pt 1

Ok ... lets start with whats important ... FOOD!!

I know I've crapped on about Merricks before but there's just something about the place that is so welcoming and also I'm oddly attracted to the floor manager (ssh ... secret squirrel!). I could spend a whole day there .. hell I could live there!! And the food of course is the main attraction.

We arrived on the Peninsula at about 1.30-ish, rather than taking the wiggly road up Arthur's seat, we came in from the Red Hill end ... much more civilised but a little lest picturesque. After opening up the house, dumping our bags and taking in the view ... we headed down to Merricks for lunch.

We generally don't go in for big lunches, but after seeing what was on offer, we decided to make a meal out of it. So M went for a Lamb and Rosemary pot pie which was served with a creamy celeriac mush (no that is not a spelling mistake or misused word!!). He was terribly excited about the roasted parsnip that this was served with (he fair wet his pants ... the man and his root vegetables ... I dunno!!!). A pot pie is perfect for a sunny wintry afternoon, its homey and its comfy and when you first cut into the crust to reveal the hot steaming creaminess underneath ... HEA-ven!!

I went all Masterchef-y and ordered Pork Belly with scallops. Negotiating the layer of pork crackling was a little tricky at the start, but once I managed to break it down into pieces and had my first mouthful I thought I was going to come right then and there (don't pretend you haven't had the same feeling before) ... of course I also had my eye on said floor manager.

Accompanying all this yummy goodness was a glass of previously mentioned 2007 Queasy Rageous and a glass of Baillieu Vineyard 2006 Shiraz.

Now Merricks is not really big on sweets, but what they do do they do so well (heh!). So we opted for some kind of pistachio ricotta mess ... it needed the cream but it was scrumptious!
Oops ... twisted sister took this photo .. sorry!


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