Saturday, 7 March 2009

What $2.00 buys you these days Pt 2

Ok ... more vinyl adventures!!

You already know that some of my vinyl purchases were purely based on outward appearances, but I also took the opportunity to explore some of the albums that I have always been curious about.

(i) Jon and Vangelis - Private Conversation

Post Chariots of Fire, I think we were all a little over the Vangelis sound ... and anything remotely euro-trash became a dirty word ... but as they say, hindsight is an illuminative thing ... and I absolutely adore this album ... its electro-lite ... but they do allow the songs time to breathe ... I know where Sebastien Tellier and others of his ilk get their inspiration from ... its well worth checking out.

(ii) Toyah Wilcox - The Changeling 

Hail the lispy one!!! I've always had a fascination with Toyah ever since seeing her on TOTP jumping and carrying on ... and I like that slight theatrical quality of her voice ... its surprisingly strong .. and she used to be on this programme where she played a wrestler ... gold!!! And now she's a christian on Songs of Praise .. crazy world sometimes!!

(iii) Sandy Denny - Rendezvous 

We all know Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention, and also duetting with Robert Plant on Led Zep's seminal IV, AND also from being namechecked by Kate Bush on "Blow Away" but I've never been really familiar with her solo work. Unfortunately this was the last album before she died ... and was probably not her best effort. Its actually not a bad album .. but you have to be patient ... the songs need time to work their work!!

(iv) Stockhausen - festival of hits - Deutsche Grannophon collection

If you are into electronic music ... then you need to do your homework and explore the early exponents of musique concrete ... and the godfather of synthetic sounds has to be Stockhausen ... its not easy going so I really just bought this as a reference tool ... but every now and then you just want to zone out and listen to shit like this ... for awhile back then, as far as electronic music was concerned, if it was german it was gold!!


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